Sewing Room Update

Yikes! July since I last posted??? Shame on me. I’ve been busy, though. As you know, I’m creating a new sewing room from scratch. It’s going to be a looooong process, but it’s starting to come together. Here’s a panoramic of the room, and some of my recent projects. Forgive the pictures, I took them at 4 AM. There’s truly a crapload of light in there, but the camera was fighting with me:


Click to enlarge

Don’t you just love that floor?? It looks like a patchwork quilt. LOVE. They’re carpet squares we got at Home Depot, and the entire thing cost only 94-cents/square foot! And, yes, I laid the entire thing myself – over 400 sf over a 2-day period. It was a blast laying out the pattern, and (except for the outside edge tiles) they butted up so tightly they didn’t need taped down. No problems vacuuming – and trust me, it’s been done a lot! It has warmed up this basement room not only in looks, but in temperature. Here’s a link to the flooring: Versatile Carpet Squares It still need a ceiling, but that will be the last thing done. I want to make sure everything is in place before installing the ceiling. I’m sure there will be more room-rearranging, and the lights will be shifted to the optimum areas once the final layout is done. My design wall on the left is perfectly awesome.

design-wallTwo sheets of 1-3/4″ insulation covered with batting only. How happy I am to have an 8×8 foot design wall! The thicker insulation allows my pins to completely push through the insulation so they don’t stick out. Peggi’s suggestion of using only batting worked SO well and was much less expensive. It fits perfectly between two sets of outlets without being screwed into the wall. These babies aren’t gonna move or shift. Several of the projects I am working on are hung on the design wall. Two table runners and applique blocks. More on those later.

For the first time, quilts are hung on my wall!

longarm-areaThere’s my dad. His quilt won first place in the AQS online quilt contest in 2009, which resulted in winning the quilt frame and helping to purchase my mid-arm machine, so it was was only fitting that he should watch over me as I quilt.

Don’t you just love the quilt on the left?

happyplaceYou can see the post about it here. I added my own applique to it, and it looks so cute on the wall. Did you know that Command Strips makes little clothespins?? I didn’t want to drill holes into the brick, so I used these and they’ve held up perfectly. Or heck, you could just add Command Strips to regular clothespins.

Lastly, a new sewing “nook”!

sewing-nookDon’t’cha just love the makeshift footstool?? The chair was from the upstairs bedroom – darn, it just didn’t match the furniture up there (snort!). The end table was my mom’s, so she’s there with me too. It’s a great place to do hand-sewing and watch a movie.

That’s all for now, a cutting table and sewing table are in the planning stages, and I’ll post them once they’re finished!

Cindi 100PS: Happy Thanksgiving to all! We’ve got 15 coming for dinner, so I’m off to get ready….

A sewing/quilt room tour

Oh, if only I could be sewing in my room as much as I am at work! This room was a work-in-design for many years. DH and I have moved about every 4 years for the past 25 years, so I’ve had a LOT of sewing rooms, from a card table in the kitchen to a sewing room in the bedroom. Every time we put a new sewing area together I’d think of another way of tweaking the design and a note would go into the design file.  So, when we had to move yet AGAIN for his job I had only one condition – I would get the sewing room I’ve always dreamed of. He agreed, and I held him to it! I am blessed to be able to have this room, and I remind myself every time I walk into it. I thought you might like to see it too:-)

Let me add this disclaimer before we begin: This room is rarely as clean as these pictures! However I do try to thoroughly clean and sweep between each quilt I make.

So, here goes. I’ll take you around the room. Here’s the view when you walk in. All of the cabinetry was made by a friend who was also a general contractor (that helped us save some money, thank goodness!). The cabinets were made to height for me, as I’m a bit tall (5’9″) :


There is room for my sewing machine and my serger (which rarely sees the light of day anymore). I also have room for my computer for when I do embroidery work (which has been twice in 5 years) or just want to play with EQ. I also store stuff in every single inch of the room, even under the tables:


I’ll even crawl on the floor to store stuff!


At the end of the sewing table and around the back is more storage (you can never have too much storage!). What’s that hanging on the wall holding fabric? A towel rod we had bought several years ago but never used. It’s great for holding the fabric for the current quilt I’m making. It doesn’t get wrinkled while it’s waiting to be cut.


<em>Helpful hint</em>: When the contractor asks where you want your outlets, don’t give him a general area. Mark EXACTLY where you want them.  As you can see, they put mine in exactly where I marked them. I wanted them down closer to the table. Oh well. They still work!


Because of the odd-shaped window setting I wanted a window seat built (older picture – no longer have this iron!)


And the contractor suggested adding storage (duh!). Both the center and right side open up. Oh, and that’s Opus from Bloom County. He’s been my Patron  Penguin of Sewing Rooms for the last, I don’t know, 15 years?!:


And don’t you just love the window covering?! It’s made from Styrofoam and fabric and weighs practically nothing. I love the fabric. It makes me giggle whenever I look at it – it’s women fabric shopping!


The design wall is just two 48×32″ insulation boards covered with batting and some leftover flannel. To the left is the white board for jotting notes and to the right is a small quilt I use to attach the quilt show pins I’ve picked up over the years.  The cutting table is 6 ft. long and just over 4 ft. wide. It has room for two stools and is 42″ tall so I don’t have to bend over to cut fabric. You can also see the fabric cabinet on the left:


There is a bookcase at one end of the cutting table packed to the gills…


…and more drawers and storage at the other end. I even had them run electricity to the cutting table and have an outlet on either side. Comes in handy when I need to use the mini-iron to make applique.

The fabric cabinet is nice and deep. I am, of course, obsessive about sorting my fabric so I keep it in tubs. Yes, I even label the colors.


And last, but not least, the pegboards that hold everything else:


So there you have it. If you’re ever in the area bring your quilt and I’ve got a place just waiting. I may be paying for this room for the rest of my livin’ days, but I love it every time I walk through the door. I’m at home here. Oh, and remember your slippers – walk on my floors in your bare feet at your own risk!

I’d love to see your sewing area too – it’s such fun to see where people create such beautiful things! Please – post pictures on your blog so I can visit too!


Wow!  That is such an awesome room!  Just how big is it, anyway?  I wouldn’t be able to come visit you – I’d never go home!   What are you going to do if you move again?  wpid-small-sig-2011-05-2-05-00.png

Peggi, if I have to move again I’m gonna cry, that’s what I’m gonna do.  However, if we really want we can take the cabinets – he installed them so everything can be removed!! The room itself is a squidge bigger than 16 x 16′. DH is having fits though – I now have a quilt frame and of course it won’t fit in here so it’s upstairs in the loft. He says my quilting is taking over the house LOL!