New quilt clock

Well, since I’m updating my sewing room – slowly but surely – I decided I needed a new clock. Once I found this tutorial, I was off and running. I used the block supplied with the tutorial, but decided I wanted mine a little different – a little more me. Like Alton Brown, I believe the only “unitasker” in my sewing room should be the fire extinguisher that hangs on my wall. So my clock will serve several purposes.

clock2Not only will it tell me when I’m late, I’m using it for my quilt show pin collection and to hang blocks or pictures. The blocks were made from leftover charm squares I had, which I glued to poster board with a glue stick (no warping!). While the tutorial called for gluing the blocks together, I decided to hand-sew mine, even though there was poster board behind every block. Why? Two simple reasons: 1. I’m a quilter. 2. I’ve never completed anything hexagon-y before, so now I can say I’ve done it 🙂 The burlap canvas and clothespins were purchased at Hobby Lobby. That 40% off coupon sure does come in handy! I bought the clock hands through Amazon. The total cost of the clock? About $14. It only took a week to get everything sewn together, glued, and up on the wall.

And yes, that is a cow on my clock.

IMG_1409This quilt won 3rd prize in the quilt competition at the Ohio State Fair this year! We stopped in today so I could see it 🙂

PebbleSo glad DH talked me into entering it. Being a practice quilt, I didn’t think it had a chance of even being accepted! It certainly wasn’t perfect quilting, lol. But, I’m proud as punch, which you can see in that smile on my face. So, that’s why there’s a cow on my clock. My quilt was in the show there, and that means a pin must be purchased!

Cindi 100


Quilt Show

I took a break from The Great Triangle Piecing Marathon and went to the Northwest Quilters Show in Portland last weekend.  The Featured Quilter was Carol Brown, and one of the things I liked about her was the fact that she has a huge variety of quilts.

Miniature quilts have a hold on my heart, and she has several that are quite impressive!















I’ll be back with more quilts from the show tomorrow!


Could use some quilt show tips!

Excitement is setting in! I’m getting ready for our trip to the Paducah AQS show. I’ve made some mailing labels to use on sign-up sheets and have our quilt class kits made. The tennies are broken in and I’ve got my backpack and water ready. The liquor is packed for the Lemon Drop martini’s and the Cosmopolitans.  Credit cards are paid off and primed for major swiping at the vendor booths.

Am I missing anything?? Any helpful tips or hints out there??