Pom Pom de Paris, and a lesson on preparation

While I was at Fabric Depot a while back, a layer cake of Pom Pom de Paris attacked me.  It jumped off the shelf and into my arms.  It held me at gunpoint until I agreed to take it home.

That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

I looked at it for a few days, pondering what to make.  I wanted something simple, something that would show off the lovely prints;  some of them have striations that make them look like linen.  I LOVE that!


Here’s what I ended up doing:



I pulled some fabric from my stash for the sashing and cornerstones.   The green goes beautifully with the red prints, but I’m finding this quilt really, really boring.  My brain keeps designing quilts on point, but when I make them, they disappoint me. Yawn, snore.

HOWEVER.  I’m not done yet.  I brainstormed and decided to add a border with applique.  That should snazz it up a bit, hmmmm?

On another front, I have an upcoming retreat to get ready for.  I’ve learned it’s best to take PREPARED projects on retreat, instead of packing your yardage and assuming you can cut everything after you get there.  SOME people came unprepared last year (okay, it was me) and I ended up hogging the cutting station for an hour or so.  It got to be quite a pain, moving my entire project to allow others to trim a seam or two.  So yesterday I cut some flannel I’ve been hoarding into patches for an upcoming quilt.


I have a confession to make.  I’ve NEVER been so prepared before (shhh, don’t tell my Girl Scout leader).  I’ve always cut, then sewed, then cut some more.  Having everything cut and ready ahead of time makes it feel halfway done!
wpid-large-sig-2011-02-24-00-09.pngI can’t wait to see the applique – it’s really going to add to the quilt, for sure. And the flannels – love’em!!