UFO Storage Tip

I used to do this:

But creating those labels on the computer was a pain. Plus, they were nearly impossible to get off again. Ugh. I found some chalk labels on sale at WalMart for less than $3 for 16 labels.

Used my chalk quilt marker to letter them…

Bingo! Easy to erase with a damp paper towel when I change out the UFO. And so cute. 

Now, if only I could actually find time to actually FINISH these UFO’s!

A new way to identify your quilt – QR Codes!

Today I read a post from a quilter on one of the quilting message blogs I just joined, Quilting Board. Another quilt lost in transit – and she had just found out it had been juried into the AQS Paducah quilt show!! It made me soooo sad. I got to thinking about my quilts, and how I’d be heartbroken and frantic if ANY of the quilts I made were lost – they’re all masterpieces to me. No quilt should go unidentified. Then it hit me – BAM!!  A QR code!


QR codes have become very popular with many companies. You scan the code using the camera on your cell phone.  The camera utilizes software called “tag readers” that you can download for free.  The tag reader will then direct your phone to a website with information about that product or company.  I use Qrafter on my iPhone, but there are dozens of tag readers out there. You can go here to see a listing of many of them and how to download and use them. So why couldn’t I use one to scan onto the labels I make for my quilts? Well, I tried it and it works!!


If you have a QR tag scanner on your phone, open it up and point it at the little square. It will take you to our website. Go ahead! Try it!  So now, if my quilt is ever lost (heaven forbid!), all the finder has to do is scan the code and it will take them directly to our site, where the good and honest person can contact me and let me know they’ve found it. Eureka! Sometimes I scare myself!! And it’s soooo simple to do:

I went to beqrious.com and clicked on “QR Code Generator”. I entered our website, www.seamstobeyouandme and clicked “Create Code“. It shows up on the phone on the right-hand side:


Right click on the code in the phone and choose “Save Image As...”


…and change the name to QR Quilt Label.jpg and save to your chosen file. I have a separate file for labels, so I saved it there.


I’m using the label I created for my Dresden Plate quilt for the example here. I created the label in Word, then went to Insert – Photo – Picture from file and opened the QR Quilt Label.jpg I just created. I put the picture next to my name.


I printed the label on regular muslin (I use Bubble Jet Set to create my own fabric for printing, see here for more information). I was worried that the specks of color on the muslin would affect the QR code and render it unreadable, but it works just fine!

This way, I don’t have to put my phone number or address on the label for identification. Good and honest people can find me on the web and report the quilt found. That’s because I truly believe that 99% of people are honest and would want my quilt returned to me. So many people have phones that can use QR readers now, and if they don’t, they probably know someone who does!!

I also created a spot at the top of our web page with the QR code:


If you click it, it takes you to our “Contact” page, where our e-mail is available. Simple and brilliant!

Would love to know what you think – or if it can be improved in any way. If this would help even ONE person get their quilt back it would all be worth it!


I think this is such a fabulous idea!  You could put a separate QR code on each quilt that links to the post you did for that quilt, which would be great if you enter quilts in shows!  A quilter at a show could scan the code, see more information about your quilt, and bookmark your blog or webpage for later.  If a quilt is lost or stolen, simply edit the beginning of that post to say that particular quilt is missing, and how to return it!

I emailed Maria, the owner of www.lostquilt.com to see if she could help come up with a solution this easy for people who don’t have blogs or websites to link back to.  I’m sure there’s a solution here for blogless quilters!