The most AMAZING Christmas present!

So, I open my extra-large Christmas squishy from Peggi, and I’m just going to tell you about the best present first.There’s a little package contains a map:


…and I’m thinking, HUH? Houston? I don’t live in Houston, and neither does she. Then I open the map and I see this:


….a fact sheet for the Embassy Suites Hotel. It took me a minute (yeah, I’m old) to figure out what the hell was going on. Then I looked at the dates. OCTOBER 31st -NOVEMBER 5th. AAAACK!!! Peggi got us hotel reservations for……



I spent the next 10 minutes dancing around my living room. Mind you, it was 4:30 a.m., so I had to do it quietly, but it was a sight to see. THIS is my dream show. I’ve been to the Paducah show, which I absolutely love and is close to me. I never thought I’d ever get to the Houston show. And best of all, I get to spend it with the greatest friend to visit a quilt show with. Peggi and I had SO much fun in Paducah. I can’t imagine how much fun we’ll have in Houston. And the hotel is only TWO BLOCKS from the show – no buses to take, we can walk! I’m not buying another quilty thing in 2012 until I go to this show. I’m saving ALL my money for this baby.

Oh, and there was some other great stuff in there – a box of Wool & Needle flannels (this fabric is amazing!) for the quilt I’m finally going to make for our bed. Funny, I’m a quilter and don’t have a single quilt on a bed in this house! Now I have no excuses. There was also a great retractable mirror for my LA frame so I can see the stitches underneath (darned if I can find a picture of it to post!), and some great chocolate peanut butter:


Chocolate and peanut butter – my absolute favorites!! Pegs, you are the absolute BESTEST!