A new cutting table!

Slowly my sewing room is coming together. I’ve been using our pool table as a cutting table for the past two years, and it’s murder on the back. I saw this table on Pinterest and liked it, but really wanted one that I could also put stools under for those rare moments I get a bug up my butt and want to craft. So I tinkered with the top, and love the way it turned out. It’s made with three Kallax units from Ikea. Whaddya think??

Yeah, forgive the mess. No quilt on the frame, so it’s being used as a fabric clothesline 😂. DH built a base that the units sit on, and put six casters on it to easily move it where I need it.

It has plenty of room for chairs – the top is 7’ x 4’ and it is 39” tall, made to my height.

I see you eyeing those holes! This is the 4th sewing room I’ve “built”, and with each one I add something I wish I’d had in the last one. This time, it’s cup holders and a trash can in the cutting table. Yes! Those are cup holders! No more spilling my wine or having to walk over to the trash to throw away scraps.

I ordered three cup holders that are normally used on boats. I used two here, one on the side where I cut, and one on the side where I longarm. The other will be put into the sewing table we’ll be building. DH used the hole saw to cut two holes side-by-side in the center, and jigsawed and sanded it into an oblong hole for the trash can. I was going to get a drop-in trash can, but realized that I didn’t want a “lip” on the top. I wanted to be able to just swipe bits of fabric right into the hole. So he added a little slide-in underneath to hold the trash can.

The top is 3/4” melamine, which we picked up at Lowes for $35. Cheaper than the doors that are often used for tabletops!It was 4×8, so we just had to cut a foot off one end. We put melamine stripping around the edges of the top to finish it, easy-peasy with a small craft iron. I just painted around the trash can hole with some acrylic paint I had laying around.

The best thing about this cutting table? We are able to completely disassemble it in the event (heaven help me!) that we ever have to move again. The top is NOT screwed into the Kallax units, but is held tightly against the units with 1.5×1.5 strips. And the units are NOT screwed into the base, but held in by the molding strips around the base at the bottom. And yes, it’s easily moveable. It slides wherever I need it without falling apart. The casters roll smoothly, even with the unit full.  I’m a bit concerned about the overhang, but I’ll wait until I craft something before having DH attach some type of stabilizer.

Yeah, I’m one happy girl 😊

18 thoughts on “A new cutting table!

  1. Love this! Question: Did DH get the castors from IKEA also, or purchase them separately? I think I’ve figured out the Kallax units you used (one basic and two w/8 shelves?)


  2. Congratulations on designing a wonderful cutting table! You have given me a good idea on repurposing items I already have. Thanks and happy quilting.🙂

  3. Hi Cindi,
    Love your new table, so practical and attractive. We are moving into a home one-half the size of our current home so there goes my huge sewing room. I will be using a small bedroom and will have to do a lot of adjusting to get everything in there. Also will be getting rid of at least seven of my 12 vintage sewing machines, four of which are in cabinets. Anyone want them? I live in Salisbury, NC. The most I am asking for any of them will be $20.00. Pretty good bargain. They all work very well.

  4. Cindi,

    I LOVE your cutting table, that is exactly what I want when I get my very own sewing room. It’s two years away, but I’m planning already.

    Did you have to do something special to get it to the perfect height?

    • Hi Lori, somehow it came out to the perfect height for me once we started measuring everything! The quilting gods were looking down on me, lol. If you need it shorter, you can buy smaller casters and cut the height of the base down a little. I don’t see anyone needing it higher, unless they’re REALLY tall! I’m somewhere between 5’8” – 5’9” tall.

  5. I too, currently use the pool table… and well you already KNOW how that worked out for me… 😉 But the new camel colored felt is beautiful!!! It does kill my 5’9″ back too. I tell him all the time, I need it to be 6-8 inches taller. (BTW, I am asking that of my sink counter as well.) I have since built a four part table topper for my pool table that can be installed and removed easily by me. But since it is stabilized by intermittent pieces of 2 x 4 under, the solidness of the surface leads much to be desired. I mean it works… but… Unfortunately, my scrapbook/quilting/sewing/crafting/T-shirt making/Bling room is only about 10 x 12, so no space for me… Although… I am working on a new direction maybe… We’ll see… I love this table sooo much…

    • Oh, tell me that whole pool table thing, Tanya! The heating pad became my best friend trying to cut on the pool table 🙁 A new direction?? Where would that be? The living room????

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