Welcome, “Laverne & Shirley II”!

I had this big, gaping hole in my sewing room for 3 weeks.

At 8 AM on a Friday morning a couple of weeks ago, this delightful sight showed up at my front door!

That’s right! Accomplish Quilting traveled all the way from St. Joe, Michigan (not far from where we used to live) to deliver my new longarm 🙂 As my brother so lovingly stated “Jesus, little drunk in it huh? By the truckload now!”. Yes, I’m drunk in my quilting, bro. I would like to introduce the newest family member – An Innova 26″ longarm loving named Laverne & Shirley II:

Dad looks like he approves!

I have to thank my mom for my machine. It was purchased with the money she left me after she passed away. She said “Use it on something you WANT, and that you’ll LOVE.” She taught me how to sew, loved my quilting, and I know she’d approve of this purchase!

The Innova was delivered by this sweet tech, Rico. Installer extraordinaire, lover of quilts, and a guy who is also planning his own quilt! He also has a hidden talent – he’s a cosmetologist!

Rico has waaay too much energy in the morning – he was rarin’ to go when he arrived. Walked about 10 loads down to the basement in no time flat. This, from a guy who doesn’t drink coffee! I as exhausted just watching him. Oh, BTW, much to our delight, 12-foot steel bars will round the corner to the basement door. We thought for sure we’d have resort to the second option of bring them in through the basement window.

Rico is a hard-workin’ fella. I figured my job was to keep him fed and hydrated, and to keep the tunes rolling. See the headphones hanging over his ears? He brought his own music, but my Alexa kept him singing all day long. That’s right. ALL DAY. I think we can add singer to his list of talents, too, because he’s good! It would’ve taken us a week to set all this up ourselves, lol. I tried to stay out of his way, but had to sneak in several times to check it all out – I was just tooooooo excited!

What did I love about Rico most? The fact that he was genuinely interested in the quilts in my room! He wasn’t just a “delivery guy” who grudgingly set up the system, but was actually engaged in the quilt world. He did a mini-class to make sure I knew how everything was loaded and how the machine ran, and answered all of my questions about the machine with true expertise.  Rico even let me make a video of how him threading the machine! 

I was amazed at how quickly I became comfortable with the Innova. After only one day on a practice piece, I loaded up the inaugural quilt.

I had started this quilt on the Voyager, and became so frustrated with the tension that I pulled it off. I’m excited to see the differences between the Voyager and the Innova, but that’s for another post. Needless to say, I’m happily quilting along right now!

On a side note, I have been nothing but thrilled with the sales and service I’ve received from Accomplish Quilting. Nearly everything was done via email since I’m 300 miles away. Eileen was my sales rep, and answered all 10,000 questions I had, without hesitation. I took a Beginner’s Innova Class (three free classes are included with the sale!) while I was up in Michigan in April, and I’m looking forward to the Intermediate Class in June, along with a Jamie Wallen class in August – woo-hoo! – one of my favorite quilters ever! Eileen has called just to check in and make sure everything was going well. Now, that’s caring service!


7 thoughts on “Welcome, “Laverne & Shirley II”!

  1. Congratulations! I am happily quilting along with you even though I don’t have a long arm. Maybe, someday…..

  2. How very exciting! I too had a Voyager. It was great fun but yest a challenge to tweak. I moved up to a Prodigy and now am lusting for an Innova. Keep us up to date with your progress

    • Georgia, I loved my Voyager. It was a perfect first longarm. I wouldn’t trade the experience I had with it for the world! It was time to take it up a notch, and while it’s a learning curve, I’m having a ball! I’ve been amazed at how quickly I’ve become comfortable with the Innova.

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