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Yikes! July since I last posted??? Shame on me. I’ve been busy, though. As you know, I’m creating a new sewing room from scratch. It’s going to be a looooong process, but it’s starting to come together. Here’s a panoramic of the room, and some of my recent projects. Forgive the pictures, I took them at 4 AM. There’s truly a crapload of light in there, but the camera was fighting with me:


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Don’t you just love that floor?? It looks like a patchwork quilt. LOVE. They’re carpet squares we got at Home Depot, and the entire thing cost only 94-cents/square foot! And, yes, I laid the entire thing myself – over 400 sf over a 2-day period. It was a blast laying out the pattern, and (except for the outside edge tiles) they butted up so tightly they didn’t need taped down. No problems vacuuming – and trust me, it’s been done a lot! It has warmed up this basement room not only in looks, but in temperature. Here’s a link to the flooring: Versatile Carpet Squares It still need a ceiling, but that will be the last thing done. I want to make sure everything is in place before installing the ceiling. I’m sure there will be more room-rearranging, and the lights will be shifted to the optimum areas once the final layout is done. My design wall on the left is perfectly awesome.

design-wallTwo sheets of 1-3/4″ insulation covered with batting only. How happy I am to have an 8×8 foot design wall! The thicker insulation allows my pins to completely push through the insulation so they don’t stick out. Peggi’s suggestion of using only batting worked SO well and was much less expensive. It fits perfectly between two sets of outlets without being screwed into the wall. These babies aren’t gonna move or shift. Several of the projects I am working on are hung on the design wall. Two table runners and applique blocks. More on those later.

For the first time, quilts are hung on my wall!

longarm-areaThere’s my dad. His quilt won first place in the AQS online quilt contest in 2009, which resulted in winning the quilt frame and helping to purchase my mid-arm machine, so it was was only fitting that he should watch over me as I quilt.

Don’t you just love the quilt on the left?

happyplaceYou can see the post about it here. I added my own applique to it, and it looks so cute on the wall. Did you know that Command Strips makes little clothespins?? I didn’t want to drill holes into the brick, so I used these and they’ve held up perfectly. Or heck, you could just add Command Strips to regular clothespins.

Lastly, a new sewing “nook”!

sewing-nookDon’t’cha just love the makeshift footstool?? The chair was from the upstairs bedroom – darn, it just didn’t match the furniture up there (snort!). The end table was my mom’s, so she’s there with me too. It’s a great place to do hand-sewing and watch a movie.

That’s all for now, a cutting table and sewing table are in the planning stages, and I’ll post them once they’re finished!

Cindi 100PS: Happy Thanksgiving to all! We’ve got 15 coming for dinner, so I’m off to get ready….

9 thoughts on “Sewing Room Update

  1. Hi Cindi,
    I sure have missed your posts, but thanks for sharing your sewing room progress. Love the quilts you have hanging. I have been in a slump for about four months since spending a month in Florida taking care of my 92 year old father after he broke his hip. I did finish a quilt top while there but haven’t felt like sewing since I came home. Some days I wake up thinking I will work on some of the many ufos I have, but there is a block in my way. Don’t know what it is. Hopefully it will go away soon. Keep those posts coming our way, I really like to see what you are doing.

    • Kitsy, I went through the same thing when my mom was sick. It took me almost a year to really get back into quilting (or doing much else!). I was truly exhausted after taking care of her. Hopefully yours will happen much quicker, but don’t worry, it will happen! I found just pulling out some old, forgotten quilt books and magazines really helped. I could rest, but I could also dream and find new ideas. Don’t fight it – rest and take care of yourself first. Quilting will come. Yes, it will come….

  2. Dear Cindi,

    Love, love, love The Happy Place quilt! You are a very clever quilter and you have designed a beautiful, functional, quilting space. I am envious, please don’t wait another four months to post your projects.

    Diane in CT

  3. Love your new space. And your wall quilts are fabulous – especially the one of your dad. I need to get working on my sewing room. I am currently sewing in our unfinished basement which is great but would be even greater if I had walls!! It is a walkout basement so the lighting is great. I love those carpet tiles you used. Did you have to glue them down? You mentioned taping them?

    • Janet, I have 3 block walls in my basement, which definitely limits what I can do with them. We painted them, and they work for me! The Command Strips have made all the difference for hanging things. I use the ones that snap together like Velcro, and they’ve stuck to the walls beautifully. EVERYTHING you see in the pic is hung with Command Strips, and after 3 months they’re still holding tight!
      The carpet tiles have 5 small strips of tape on them – one in each corner and one in the middle. That’s all I used, except around the perimeter of the room where we had to cut squares to fit. I did not glue them, and honestly, I could have not even used the tape. I was really worried that the small tape strips on the squares would be worthless, but they’re just enough. The squares are perfectly square and butt tightly – I truly could have not used the tape at all. I’ve used the vacuum cleaner at least a dozen times and have had absolutely no problem with them coming up. Best. Investment. EVER.

  4. Just lovely! What a great idea for the design wall as well. Including your parents in your creative space is a very special tribute to them…we gain so much from our family!
    Thanks for sharing…Happy Thanksgiving

    • It’s so true, Lois. My mom taught me to sew, so my midarm machine is named Shirley after her, and my frame is Laverne. I tell the hubby “I’m going to visit Laverne and Shirley” when I go downstairs to quilt!

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