My skills have definitely improved…..

I belong to “The Girl’s Club”, a group of 8 girls who have been getting together for over 25 years. Way, way back, when I first started quilting, I made 7 small tablerunners for each of our mothers for Mothers Day. They were given to them when we took all of our mom’s out for tea lunch to celebrate.  Yesterday, we attended the 80th birthday party for one of those mothers, Shirley, and as soon as I walked in the door she grabbed my hand and said “I’ve got something special to show you”. There, on a display table with all the photographs from her childhood, was the tablerunner she received at that lunch. It brought tears to my eyes. Although I don’t often see Shirley, she always makes a point to say how much she cherishes that little tablerunner, and displays it proudly. THIS is why I quilt.

I took a few pitiful phone pictures of it, and boy have I learned a lot since those first days of quilting!

IMG_2594-1Oh my. Look at how wavy it is! The binding is about 10 different sizes, and look at those corners. The blocks were paper-pieced, so they look pretty darn good though. The stripes even go the right way!

IMG_2592-1_edited-2I obviously hadn’t learned the importance of pressing yet. There are gaps at nearly every seam. Nor did I know what “stitch in the ditch” was, as it surely could’ve used it. My binding. Oh my goodness, look at those huge stitches! I’m betting you could almost stick your pinkie finger underneath. Even funnier, look at how skinny the binding is here, and how wide it is in the picture below…..

IMG_2593-1_edited-1ROFL!!!! I think it was almost an inch wide on the back! I had put a sleeve on each one in case the mom’s wanted to hang them up. Do ya think I’d use the matching thread to sew those? Noooooo….let’s make that stitching stand out!!

IMG_2592-1_edited-1And you can see the loooong hand stitching in that pink fabric. Yes, I hand quilted these – it was long before I learned to machine stitch when quilting the quilt! And even funnier….

IMG_2593-1You can also see a bit of the hand stitching on the back. Man-oh-man, about every stitch length available there. And in every direction known to man.

It was great to observe this little quilt after so many years. My gradual improvements are hard to see over the years. I’m proud of how I’ve progressed!

The most gratifying thing is that this simple quilt, with all it’s mistakes, is adored and cherished by this lovely woman. She appreciates the work that went into it, even though I was a beginner. These little moments remind me that my quilts bring true joy!

Cindi 100

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