Valerie’s Memorial Quilt

Four years after my mom passed away, I’ve finally finished the memorial quilt for my sister, Valerie. God bless her for being patient! This is the 5th of 6 memorial quilts.

Val's quilt2


IMG_3433-1The center squares are made from our mom’s clothes.  I quilted them with freehand leaves.







IMG_3428-1The denim blue outer heart border was quilted with squiggly lines. I love making these – it was a lesson in patience, for sure!







IMG_3445-1The butterflies were made with my dad’s favorite sweatshirt jacket, which he wore whenever he was working out in the garage. I put an extra layer of batting behind the butterflies so they’d puff out a bit more, then added black antennae and had the butterflies “carrying” the name by wrapping around the letters. How cute is that?!?! I wish I’d have used a thicker thread, but it looks cute as hell anyway.




IMG_3447-1“Charlie” was Valerie’s nickname, and only mom and dad called her that. I did the lettering in Word, printed it out, taped it together, then did the applique with Mistyfuse. Dang, Mistyfuse is incredible – I didn’t have to reverse the lettering or worry about the fabric fraying!


Valerie embroidered all of the labels on mom’s sewing machine that she inherited. The picture is from Val’s wedding – one of our favorite pictures, and it was embroidered onto dad’s t-shirts. She made 4 of these – and must have used miles of thread! Because it is on knit, the words are a bit hard to read, but that’s okay-we know what it says!

Valerie loves it, and I’m so glad she does. I now have one more memorial quilt to make – mine. But it will wait for a while. Those quilts take a lot out of me emotionally, and I have to do some happy quilts now. I will love having my own to cuddle up with….soon…..

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6 thoughts on “Valerie’s Memorial Quilt

  1. Simply AMAZING! I didn’t notice the butterflies were carrying the name, at least until you said so. The heavier thread would have helped, but in person, I’m sure it shows through. Someday…. Someday I will do one for my sisters, with your help of course… Although I don’t have any of dad’s clothes, I don’t think. I’ll have to ask ALL MY BROTHERS AND SISTERS…. LOL

    • I’m still kicking myself for not saving dad’s clothes. The only thing we had was a sweatshirt jacket Lish had, some t-shirts Val had, and a couple of dad’s hankies that I’ve got. That sweatshirt jacket had to go a long way on these quilts!

  2. Such a lovely quilt for your sister. I’m sure it will be treasured. We had little jointed Teddy bears made from my (farmer) dad’s bibbed overalls. There was also a little bandanna around the neck made from his old handkerchiefs.

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