I’m Not A “Country Color” Kind Of Girl

So why did this layer cake jump in my cart??

For color purposes only. I really DID buy a layer cake!

I bought it quite a while back at Yoder’s in Shipshewana. Maybe someone else invaded my body for a moment?

So I found the MBS pattern “Old Glory” by Barb Johnson to use it up. I wish the fabric would have had more than 3 colors. There’s no way to make any kind of pattern with hourglass blocks when you’ve only got three colors! It ended up being a hodge-podge instead. It’s on the frame now.


And I’m quilting it with what Peggi calls “loop de loops”.

IMG_3521First time trying this quilting, and it’s fun! Not perfect, but certainly fun šŸ™‚

I decided to keep track of exactly what it’s costing me to make this simple quilt. And I mean exactly everything it takes to make it, from start to finish. I’ll report back on that later. But what I’m finding in my tracking so far is absolutely blowing my mind.

Cindi 100

6 thoughts on “I’m Not A “Country Color” Kind Of Girl

  1. Several times I thought “What was I thinking?” or it was so long ago that I had a differant taste then. These quilts normally become gifts! I must say yours turned out very nice and look at the added benifit–you learned those beautiful Loop de Loops. I say it was a win-win.

  2. Beautiful. You did an outstanding job. Thanks for the inspiration. And I would like to know exactly how much everything cost. Thank you for doing this.

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