Another Memorial Quilt Finish

Now that I’ve got my sewing room in some kind of workable order, I decided to get my sister’s memorial quilt made. It’s the fifth of six quilts (the last still needs to be made for me), and, gawd love her, Valerie has been incredibly patient, seeing as how mom passed away in 2010. However, she understands that these quilts have been incredibly hard for me to make, and has refrained from asking me to get it done. Here’s the beginning of the quilt….


While I can’t show a full picture of the finished quilt yet, I can show some bits and pieces. I won’t post pics of the entire thing until she’s seen it first. I think she’ll like what I’ve added to that bottom blank area. And since she subscribes to our blog, I’ll post pics of the full quilt after it’s been shipped to her and she’s opened it. However, I can tell you about it!

The quilt is made from my mom’s clothes, along with pieces from a sweatshirt jacket that belonged to dad. Once again, I’m still kicking myself for not saving his clothes. Sis Lish donated the sweatshirt. I free-motion quilted leaves in the blocks with mom’s clothes:


 Succeeded in making some fairly straight (albeit not even!) squiggle lines in the blue border around the heart… IMG_3428

…and made butterflies with dad’s sweatshirt jacket.


I’ve got some leftover Swaroski crystals from Jefferson’s quilt, so I may use them on the butterfly antennae….if I can find them!

The border was done with half-circles and piano keys. Boy, SID around those circles was a bitch!


Valerie inherited mom’s sewing machine, and does a lot of embroidery on it, so I asked her if she would embroider the labels for the quilts. She used a picture of mom and dad taken at her wedding, had it digitized and added a poem I wrote. She did them on a couple of dad’s t-shirts she had. Everyone contributed to getting something of dad’s!!


Not a great pic, I know. The poem says:

When you’re sad or feeling blue and you are missing me,

wrap up in this cuddle quilt and I’ll be close, you see.

For I am with you always, every minute, every day.

I may be up in heaven now, but in your heart I’ll stay.

It’s going to be a cold, windy day today, so it’s a perfect day to watch movies and finish up the binding. Hopefully it will be shipped out this week!

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2 thoughts on “Another Memorial Quilt Finish

  1. This is such an awesome tribute! I can truly understand the difficulty that came with trying to complete your beautiful work of art. Now, I wish I had thought of something like this when our mom died in Oct. of 2000. I anxiously await your for your sister to receive it so we can see the finished one. TFS, TFS, TFS!

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