It doesn’t matter.


It doesn’t matter. I get to spend time with my family again.





Have sewing machine, will quilt.








It doesn’t matter. My old friends are nearby. Although I’ll never forget all the friends I’ve made elsewhere!




Looks like I’ve got a reason to make a window quilt now!






It doesn’t matter. I now have quilt shops close by. No more driving an hour to find even MORE fabric!




Hmmmm…..however, hubby is going to have a heart attack when he sees how much fabric I actually have. It was all so well hidden before! and lord help me, look at that gawd-awful paneling. Thought that went out in the 60’s!



It doesn’t matter. I’m grateful, happy and blessed to be home again.




PLUS, my room is bigger, which means I can take my frame from 9′ to 14′ if I so choose. Oh, happy day! And yes, those boxes are full of sewing room stuff. Thirty-one total boxes were packed – more than any other room in the house!


I’ll cut fabric on the floor. Don’t care. Doesn’t bother me.

It’ll eventually get cabinets and a cutting table – although they’ll ALL be moveable. But not nearly as fancy or expensive as before. I will never make the mistake of built-ins again. You never know what the future holds….

It doesn’t matter where you quilt or what your sewing room looks like. It’s not fancy that makes a quilt. It’s all heart. And heart doesn’t care about how great your room looks. It cares about how much love you put into your quilting.

Me? I’m just happy to be home again.

Cindi 100

5 thoughts on “It doesn’t matter.

  1. Hi Cindi,
    I was so pleased to see a post from you this day. Opened it before any other (as I always do when I see a post from “Seams to be you and me”.) Bigger room, close to friends and family and particularly fabric stores (although by the looks of your boxes you probably won’t be needing fabric anytime soon.) You will make this great space come alive in no time. Keep on quilting and posting. I look forward to the progress in your new sewing kingdom.

    • Thanks so much, everyone, for your kind responses. Kitsy, I had to laugh at the “you probably won’t be needing fabric anytime soon” comment – I just can’t help it, I’m addicted to fabric! I’ve used my stash for almost an entire year, buying very little other fabric, and this is what’s left. Oh my…..

  2. What a pleasure to have a peek into your sewing rooms. Seems to me you have all you need, meaning a great attitude. You’ll get it put together the way you want it in no time. Would love to see pictures of your window quilt as you get into designing and making it. Never made one but really admire some I have seen. Just think, you can “plant” what ever you want.

  3. Yeap, there is no place like home. Good that you are looking at the positive. Another plus is that you still have space to spread out. Some quilters sew in closets or in dining rooms. I sew in a semi-finished basement yet wish I had natural light. Now you have a new fresh space to begin a new design.

    Columbus is a great town for quilters. NQA use to have their annual quilt show there. When you find yourself missing your previous sewing room, go to Pistacia Vera and/or have Jenis ice cream. 🙂

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