Designing a sewing room in EQ7

We’re moving in 2 weeks, and I have to leave the love of my life behind…



Okay, maybe I’m going a bit overboard there. But a lesson learned: Never build the perfect sewing space that you can’t take with you. I didn’t expect to move from this house for a long, long time. You never know what the future holds….

My new room won’t be this fancy. But as long as you’ve got a place to quilt, that’s the only thing that matters, right??  I’ve designed 3 sewing spaces so far, and I’ve gotten to the place where I know exactly what I need, how I need it and where I need. I’m very excited that in our new house my basement sewing room will be twice as big as this one. That means my sewing area AND Laverne & Shirley (my frame & midarm) will be in the same room. Hallelujah!! Used to be I’d pull out graph paper to design my rooms. This time I decided to play with EQ and see if I could design it in there. I did. I’m no pro in EQ (that would be Peggi!), but have always wanted to play around with the drawing section. This was the perfect opportunity to learn more about it. I created a couple of boxes in Patchdraw Motif. Just simple boxes. They can be resized on my quilt, so I didn’t need a bunch of blocks. I even found a sewing machine in the Block Library/Contemporary applique/Your design studio section! Can someone tell me why they don’t have an iron???? Or a chair?? Aren’t those a staple in a sewing room????


I started by using 1″=1 foot. My room is 17’2″ x 27′, so I created a new quilt layout with one block sized 17.2″ x 27″.


Yeah, these are just approximate measurements, so .2 = .25 on my layout. I’m not worried about a couple of inches!











What does my quilting room need? A sewing area, a cutting table and my LA/frame. So I added 4 of the blocks of I created, and stretched them to start designing. I stretched and played until I came up with a layout that appealed to me. The text feature was great to label the spaces.


Okay, but you’d be able to see my mess from the door. Not gonna work….


The following pics don’t show the measurements:


Let’s flip this around. I added the clearance area needed for the longarm frame. Better, but I need to face the door when I’m sewing (must be some feng shui thing in my head). With the sewing machine on that side of the table, I don’t have enough clearance to the left of the machine without having to scrunch up my quilt when I sew. Nope, this one’s not gonna work either…..


Aaah....much better.....

Aaah….much better…..

Once I liked the layout, I added more boxes – the cabinets. I’m planning to use Ikea cabinets, so I stretched my boxes to the size of the cabinets. I colored these boxes yellow. This also allowed me to narrow down the exact size of my sewing area.


Then I started adding things I needed in my room – a design wall, my ironing area, a fabric storage pantry and pegboards for my tools and patterns. Two bookshelves with cabinets below to make up for the wall cabinet storage I won’t have here. Oh yes, and I need a TV and maybe a sitting area for hand sewing. Let’s make it comfortable, dangnabbit!

design6And, finally, measurements so we know where everything will be placed.

Design7I know that this will be a work in progress – The sewing area and cutting table will be built first, and the other items added on as the pocketbook allows. But it will be totally portable, so if I ever have to move again, it’s coming with me 🙂

Now, I’m off to create my cutting table in EQ. It needs lots of shelves, and pegboard to hang my cutting tools, and…….

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9 thoughts on “Designing a sewing room in EQ7

  1. Your room is going to be amazing! I can’t believe how much space you have. I can’t wait to see it all put together. I am also trying to design my sewing room. I’m going the graph paper route. My room is only 9 x 13 so it is very challenging to fit everything in.

    • Thanks Pam. I’m in shock at how much room I’ve got, too. It was the wood workshop for the previous owner, and with all of his woodworking gear in there, it looked really small! Once the room is finished, I’ll be posting more pictures. It’ll be a while until that happens – I’ll have to unpack and set up the rest of the house first, LOL!

  2. I understand your dilimma. The present room is perfection. The one great thing about doing it again is the fact that you can improve on work flow and storage. I think your new plan is genius! All the best.

    P.S. Are you moving to Columbus, OH? I remember reading a blog post about a fabulous sewing/quilting room and it had to be left behind because the lady’s husband was offered a new job here.

  3. This is fantastic! I have been in my house for 20 years and we are just beginning the moving process. I have 2 walls with built in cabinets for my customer quilts to be long armed and then all my sewing and quilting supplies. When I asked my husband to remove them so I could take them with us when we move, you should have seen his face-LOL Guess that is a NO!
    I started buying a few pieces that I will need right away- a sewing table and a computer desk. Your design is an inspiration!

    • Kristyn, we would have had quite a mess had we tried to take out the cabinets – and the cutting table was hard wired with outlets – and the wires were cut into the cement floor. It would have meant concrete repairs, new carpets, dozens of nail holes and paint. It would have been like a complete room remodel to take out those cabinets. Ugh. Wanted them badly, but not THAT badly!

  4. Had no idea I could use EQ7 to do this in! I have been wanting to revamp my large sewing area, but no time, but will start graphing it up. Thank you for sharing this with all of us! Super excited! Your sewing room will be awesome!

    • Betsy, I did all my “drawing” on the 2nd layer. It was so great, and the ruler really made placing the pieces quick and easy! Have a great time experimenting!

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