Sometimes we need a reminder….

….of what our quilts mean to others. Whenever I’m frustrated with my quilting and ready to give up, I pull these out of my drawer…

thank-you-cards….and read them all. They are from people who appreciated the work and love I put into a quilt I made for them. It’s amazing how gratitude can inspire one to carry on! Do you keep your thank you notes?

Cindi 100

2 thoughts on “Sometimes we need a reminder….

  1. Cindi: I know just what you mean. I quilt for my family and close friends. Every once in a while someone will make a comment about their enjoyment of one of my quilts. Makes my day!

  2. I am so glad that you receive such nice notes from those who appreciate what you make for them. One of my greatest joys is to make quilts for others, but to this day I have never received a note of thanks, whether the gift was for a friend, acquaintance, co-worker or family member. Are my quilts that ugly or do I have friends and family that just don’t write notes? I just don’t know. And here I am in the process of making more for others. I think from now on I will just keep what I make, because I sure do love them. And I take turns using the ones I have kept for myself. Even my dolls seem more appreciative of the quilts I make for them. At least I know they can’t write notes, but probably would if they could. Am I whiining? It surely does sound like it and yes, I guess I am.

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