Surprise quilts are always the best…

My lovely SIL, Marla, did a fantastic job planning a “girls only” week-long vacation on Emerald Island, NC. She had the hardest task – picking out a beach rental for 11 girls – sisters, SIL’s, and nieces (all over 21!). She did a fantastic job planning it, and I had to make her a quilt to thank her. I dove into my stash, and came up with this beautiful creation:


The tumbler isn’t from a pattern, but adapted so I could make the best use of the stash fabrics I had chosen. I originally put the colors in random order, but as I was laying it out, I realized a story was emerging. The label explains why the colors are stacked from green to dark pink:

The label IS square - camera distortion stinks!

The label IS square – camera distortion stinks!

For the first time, I tried gluing my matching seams instead of pinning them. I’m such a doorknob – can’t believe it too so long to try this. I will never pin again!!

glue2This was SO freakin’ easy, with no shifting. Perfectly matched seams.


I really enjoyed quilting this one. I used a template pattern from Judy Madsen’s book (AKA The Green Fairy) Quilting Wide Open Spaces. My, oh my, I want to grow up to quilt just like her!  For my first attempt at template quilting, it turned out pretty darn good. Of course, the first template I quilted looked a bit scary, but after the 4th one I got into a rhythm and really had a ball with it. I just had to learn to relax. Once I relaxed, everything went great.

The top one is the first template I tried - YEECH! Scary looking! But after a while, they looked a bit smoother.

The top one is the first template I tried – YEECH! Scary looking! But after a while, they looked a bit smoother.

I’m continually learning and experimenting with new things on my mid-arm machine. No fear!  I’m loving what I’m learning to create!

PS: I know what you’re thinking. Eleven women??? Well, vacation went spectacularly well. Yep. We didn’t kill each other, and had a wonderful time. In fact, it went so well that we were planning the next vacation while we were there!

PSS: Yep, Emerald Island was hit by the Hurricane Arthur the week after we left 😉

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5 thoughts on “Surprise quilts are always the best…

  1. Cindy great job on the quilt and I loved the label explaining the colors!! Have gotten settled in Ohio yet?

    • Thanks Darlene! We’re still trying to sell the house. Things are slooooow to sell in our area, and it doesn’t help that 9 others are also selling in our neighborhood. Sigh. Hubby is already in Ohio working. Some day I’ll get home, too!!

  2. Fantastic job! Your quilt is just lovely. Very nicely done, and the quilting is amazing. Good for you! Thank you for sharing the tip on gluing the seams. I’ve seen this before, and will try it on my next quilt. Your seams are perfect.

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