Disaster averted, Urban Nine Patch finished

Thanks for all the helpful suggestions about how to deal with that pesky brown stain.  I tried a few of them and the stain faded quite a bit.  I was willing to remake that block, but I didn’t have enough fabric, so I showed it to Cheran (LQS owner who commissioned the quilt) and she thought it looked fine, so I just assembled the quilt.

Ta da!

finishedWhen Cheran first asked me to make it, I was not looking forward to dealing with those curves.  However, it was a huge compliment that she DID ask me to make it, because that means she thinks I’m a good piecer!  Yay, ego boost!  But honestly, it was easier than I thought it was going to be.  I worked out a way of sewing the curves that didn’t include pins, glue, stopping and adjusting every 4th stitch….  it went pretty fast.

cheranThe hardest part was mentally adjusting the colors, because Cheran requested a different color arrangement than what was written in the pattern.

I like how the gray softens the bright colors a bit, gives a nice contrast.

If you like the quilt, you can contact Cheran at her shop for a kit and ruler!

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