Three days ago, I discovered I was 14.5 inches short of the fabric I needed to finish the wedding quilt I’m making.  I ordered what I thought was more of the same fabric: it had the same manufacturer number on the selvedge, and, on my monitor at least, appeared to be the same color.


My original ombre fabric runs from a deep teal at the selvedges to a pale minty green in the center.  As you can see from this picture, the new fabric has absolutely NO mint green in it at all.  It just fades to a paler shade of teal in the center.

ombreAll my searching on the internet kept leading me back to this teal-only fabric.  I cannot find the ombre with the minty green center anywhere.

ombre 2I’ve checked Findmyfabric.com.  I’ve tried eBay and Etsy.  I sent an email to the designer, Vanessa Christenson, in hopes she has some, or knows where I can get some.  I’m anxiously awaiting a response.

Worst case scenario – I have to start over from scratch.

Someone please send me 3.75 yards of aqua fabric?  And a bottle of wine?

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3 thoughts on “Disaster!

  1. How frustrating. Wish I could help you out with this. Maybe someone else or the manufacturer can. Good luck. Such a neat project.

  2. Oh, no!! I feel so badly for you. I will check around the web today to see if I can find it at some of the sites I go to for fabric. Is it 100% cotton and 44/45 inches wide??

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