What’s a vortex quilt?

Hi, Kitsy!

Yesterday in the comments of my Vortex Wedding Quilt post, Kitsy said she’s never seen a vortex quilt, and asked for a picture.  I’ll bet she has seen one, she just doesn’t realize it yet.  Here’s the most famous one:

red white vortexAnd here’s one (a wall hanging) I made last year for a challenge:

s2b 9

I’m currently waiting for more of the aqua ombre fabric to arrive.  The pattern I have (by Andi Perejda) states I need 2 yards of each color, plus an additional 2.5 for the appliques.  Well, I’m changing the applique, so I purchased 3.25 yards for the vortex section and figured I’d be safe.  Nope.  I am exactly 14.5″ short.


Fortunately I found more yardage on the Magical Internet, which hopefully will be here tomorrow.  I’m ready!

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One thought on “What’s a vortex quilt?

  1. Thanks Peggi, they are very interesting and look complicated. I do remember seeing the one you made for your challenge. Like it a lot.

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