Goodbye, sewing room of my dreams

DH has accepted an offer to work in Columbus, Ohio. What will I miss most?? This:



Yes, I have to leave this beautiful room. I’ll probably never have another one like it. When we were originally transferred to Michigan, I told DH I’d only go if I could have the sewing room of my dreams. I designed it, and it was custom-built, with lots of storage nooks and crannies (to hide my fabric, of course!).

I will certainly miss it, but we’re excited to finally be going home to Columbus. I’d trade a sewing room to be closer to family – any time. I hope a wonderful quilter (or sewer) buys this house and enjoys and appreciates it as much as I have! I’ve created a ton of wonderful quilts in this room. Delightful memories.

I just finished quilting my last quilt here in Michigan. It’s a memory quilt for my nephew and his wife, who are having a little girl in July. It’s made from DH’s brother’s golf shirts. His brother passed away last year 🙁  This quilt will be his way of hugging his granddaughter from heaven.

Quilting3I had hoped to do much more detailed quilting – this quilt certainly deserves it. But, alas, time is of the essence right now, so I had to stick with simple free-motion quilting.

the-backI used the Candy Hearts Quilt pattern from Moda Bake Shop. It was one of the quickest quilts I’ve ever put together!

We’re getting ready to disassemble the frame now, as the house will go on the market next week. I will miss my blinged-out baby for a few months while we are in transit from one house to another.

Please ignore the twist tie - I was having a problem there and no time to fix it!

Please ignore the twist tie – I was having a problem there and no time to fix it!

 You can bet it will be one of the first things set up again! The decals on Shirley (yes, my Voyager is named Shirley, after my mom, who taught me everything I know about sewing!) are from QuiltaStick. I picked them up when Peggi & I visited the Houston International Quilt Festival last year. How much fun are those????

So, now I’m off to clean the house from top to bottom. The realtor comes tomorrow. Thank goodness I did a thorough cleaning-out of this house last summer – at least I don’t have to deal with getting rid of stuff we don’t need now!

My next post, I’m sure, will be from Ohio. Keeping our fingers crossed for a smooth move!

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13 thoughts on “Goodbye, sewing room of my dreams

  1. Welcome back to Ohio from Huber Heights, Ohio! I’m sure you’ll make your next sewing room just as beautiful.

  2. Cindi so glad to hear you will be moving back to central Ohio!! It’s a bummer you are losing a great room, hopefully you will find a house with a room that can be remodeled. There are so many great quilt stores you will be able to shop at!! When I visit from Northeastern Ohio I try to shop at as many as I can in a day!! Which suburb of Columbus do you think you will be moving to?

    • Darlene, I’ll be so excited to come back to so many LQS’s! The pickings are few and far between where we are now. I’m from Westerville, so we’re going to start our search in the Westerville/Lewis Center/Powell area. We’d like to stay in the North Columbus area.

  3. what a shame to have to leave that wonderful room behind. Maybe you will get another room that you will be able to make your own again?

    • I will have another sewing room, but it won’t be anything as fancy as this one. I’m thinking the next one will be designed with Ikea furniture so I can take it all with me if (heaven forbid!) there’s another move in our (very far) future. I don’t think I could take losing another one like this one again!

  4. Columbus is cool diggity you will love it. Beautiful quilt, btw, and congrats on hubby’s new job.

    Oh, and I’ll bet you get a better, if not comparable, sewing haven. What what I tell you! [wink, wink]


    An ex-Ohioan!

    • Hi Cathy! My house is in Mattawan. It’s not on the market yet, hopefully some time this week. It will be listed through Jaqua, and the realtor’s name is Lisa Fahey. I’d love to see it go to a quilter!

  5. Hi Cindi; Your sewing room is out of this world fabulous! I am so sorry you have to leave it behind. Can you take everything out of the room and take it with you??? If the company is relocating you don’t they pay for the move? I don’t see why you can’t take it along, it is soooooooooo beautiful! I know that it has to be out of the room when you show it otherwise it has to stay. I wish you all the best and allow me to welcome you back to Col.

    • Juanita, unfortunately everything is built-in, and to remove it would be a huge undertaking. We are relocating ourselves – no company to pay for the move 🙁

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