Doodling a new blog header…..

cropped-Tangleheader31.gif Oh spring, where are you?? I’m no artist, but a doodler, and love to draw. This is the new header I drew for our blog. Of course, I can’t draw a straight line to save my life, but a few years ago I came across the Tanglepatterns site, and I was hooked! Having simple instructions to draw almost anything you can think of? Maybe I CAN be an artist!! Since it’s been waaaay to cold in my sewing room lately, even with the space heater, I decided to draw some quilting-related pics in the comfort of my living room, wrapped up in my warm quilt and watching movies. I started out with a spool of thread:

ThreadThen tried a rotary cutter:

Rotary-cutter….and a pair of applique scissors:

Scissors…and a thimble:


Peggi saw these, and said “Let’s make these into a new header for the blog!”. I thought, why not create a new header?? So I did. I took a quilty tangle I was in the process of drawing, and with Photoshop added the scissors, thread, thimble, the Blog name and our pics (because I’m certainly no portrait artist, LOL!), and voila! A new blog header!!

cropped-Tangle-Header.gifIf you want to learn to draw tangles, I highly recommend the Tanglepatterns website. Not only does Linda Farmer have hundreds of instructions for patterns, she’s also got a list of other “tanglers” who do amazing work with even more patterns and instructions. It’s a site you can spend hours looking through. Lots of people are doing “Zentangles“, and while I adore Zentangles, I like drawing pictures of THINGS, so I’ll take those patterns, find free clipart pics, trace them in pencil and fill them in with all kinds of patterns. Give it a try when you need a break. You can still quilt – in a different way!

Cindi 100

2 thoughts on “Doodling a new blog header…..

  1. Exquisite. To enjoy crafting as I do it is a shame I have no imagination to CREATE things. I only copy (and give credit of original source, of course). Sigh.

    Yet, I digress . . . beautiful work on this header. Dare I ask if you consult to help others with creative banners?



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