Birthday blocks

Wow, it’s been a while since I’ve shown any birthday blocks.  Time to fix that!

pairAt the beginning of the year, I joined a birthday block swap.  Everyone makes 2 blocks for each participant, to be sent to her on her birthday.  Birthday girl gets to pick the colors, but the block patterns are totally up to the maker.

This birthday girl picked purple, teals, and light blues.  For her first block, I picked a neat variation of the 10-minute block.

10 minute block variationHer second block is “Caned Seat” from Quilter’s Cache.

caned seatI really like that one.  It could be a stunning quilt, done in the right colors.

I was a little nervous about the two different block colors not playing well together, but after seeing all her other blocks, I felt assured they will fit right in.

What I find fun and enjoyable about this (and forgive me if I’ve said it before) is I get to try out new blocks or techniques without committing myself to an entire quilt.  I think both of these might have to go on a “someday” list.

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3 thoughts on “Birthday blocks

  1. I love both blocks but the variation of the 10 minute block is beautiful!! Do you have a link to a tutorial on how to make it? I know how to make the regular 10 minute block but can’t figure out the rest for the life of me. Thanks!

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