A challenge, part 2

Yesterday I wrote about my different attempts at making a challenge quilt using this awful fabric.  The challenge was to make the best use of this fabric in a quilt that was less than 200″ around the perimeter.

challenge fabricSidebar – my husband read what I wrote yesterday and made an interesting comment.  He said that I’m unlike a lot of quilters who will start a project, decide they don’t like it, then either never finish it, or struggle to finish it because it’s awful, or it’s not turning out like they had imagined.  And I suddenly realized this is why I NEVER cut out all my fabric at the beginning of a project!  I used to think it was because I’m unorganized and impatient; I need to see what the block looks like when it’s sewn.  But now I realize it’s because I want to be able to change things as I go along, and if all the fabric is cut up already, I lose that flexibility.  Ha.  I’m smarter than I thought I was.  I think.  😀


Today I will show you all the challenge quilts that were made.  Go ahead and vote on which one(s) you like the best!  These are not in any kind of order, and if you can’t see the number posted on the quilt, then it’s at the bottom of the picture.


quilt 9

s2b 5

quilt 7

s2b 6

quilt 1

s2b 7

quilt 5

s2b 8

close up of center block of quilt 5

s2b 9

quilt 6

s2b 10a

quilt 10

s2b 10b

quilt 10, different view

s2b 11

quilt 11

s2b 12

quilt 12

s2b 13

quilt 13

s2b 14

quilt 14

s2b 4

quilt 4

s2b 3

quilt 3

quilt 1

quilt 2

What a wide variety of quilts!  Isn’t it amazing, the different designs we each came up with?

I’ll be back tomorrow to announce which quilt won, and which quilt was mine.

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12 thoughts on “A challenge, part 2

  1. What a bunch of masterful quilters! Sorry, can’t pick a favorite. They are so varied that in a way its like comparing apples to oranges. I would be very very proud to claim any one of them as my work!

  2. All of the quilts are awesome and it is hard to pick a favorite, but I will. Ivote #10 as my favorite. It will be fun to know which quilt is picked on the blog and which one was picked at your meeting.

  3. Based on the criteira–best use of the fabric, I think 3. But I also think 11 and 14 are worthy. Several others I like, just because of their design, but not because of the use of the fabric. Great results by all!!

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