You’re A Grand Ol’ Flag


Sorry for the distortion – it was windy yesterday. DH had a hard time holding it LOL!

You’re a grand ol’ flag, you’re a high flyin’ flag,

and forever in peace may you wave.

Look, I’ve had this tune ringing in my head for the last 3 months. You’re gonna sing this song all day today, too. Deal with it 😉

I’ve finally finished this quilt. Every time I picked up this quilt that song – the entire song – runs through my head. Over and over and over and over and……….it’s a good thing I’m patriotic!!

This quilt, as I explained in this post, is a wedding present for my cousins, Molly & Brandon. I did FMQ in the blue area:

blue-closeupand some ruler work in the tan and red section:

redandtanI would have liked to do more quilting, but time was of the essence here.

I really like the label. I decided to try putting everything on the label, instead of attaching the usual three labels I normally do – the information label, the care label and the QR code label:

LabelI used the June Tailor labels, and don’t know that I’m terribly happy with them. They’re kind of stiff. But it did wash up well, so I’m happy with that. The QR code links to the first post I did on the quilt – another identifier if it’s ever lost!

I love the fabric I used for the binding and label. The stars are just perfect for this quilt. And, while I’m at it, excuse me while I wrench my shoulder out of place patting myself on the back. I seriously rock at corners. I love my corners. I may suck at everything else quilty, but I’m proud of my corners!!

corner3I absolutely love doing bindings. Sitting in front of the TV catching up on recorded shows, it’s so relaxing and gives me an excuse not to do any housework.

I used MistyFuse for the applique, and love it! I’m planning to do a tute on how I used it. There’s not much out there on MistyFuse, which is too bad. It’s great stuff!

Oh, so many lessons learned on this one!! But those are for another post…..

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2 thoughts on “You’re A Grand Ol’ Flag

  1. I’ve been following as you have worked on this quilt. I love everything about it and your quilting is perfect for it. Good job!

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