A binding “Eureka!” moment

I don’t know about you, but I’ve tried about every tip on ways to keep binding off the floor when adding binding to my quilts, without much success. I’ve tried winding it the toilet paper tube and stringing it around my neck. Not only do I look like I’m toilet-paper obsessed, but I’m forever losing the contraption. I’ve tried placing it on the counter next to my machine, draped like a fireman’s hose – only to have it all fall on the floor the first time I try to advance the quilt. I’ve even tried putting it in a bag with a slit. Just ended up with a tangled mess. AARGH!! Not anymore.

Well, today I made the binding for my latest quilt. I usually wrap it loosely around my hand in a neat circle, then place that nice circle on the desk so it can fall on the floor and become a rat’s nest under my feet. I was carrying across the room when I realized I had unconsciously put it around my wrist like a bracelet. I was holding the loose end in that same hand.

DSC02249HOLY CRAP! This could work! Grabbed my quilt, and started binding:

DSC02253Not a great pic, but it’s kinda hard taking a pic with your left hand when you’re right handed. But dangnabbit, it WORKS. I had the folded edge toward my hand, the raw edge toward my elbow. I thought for sure it would all unravel down my arm, but it never did. All I had to do was grab the binding with my left hand every so often to release it, and it unwound nicely. I never had to let go of the quilt with my left hand. Perfect. I’m sold. It’s free, doesn’t require any extra hardware, and stayed in place perfectly until I was done. Now, someone out there has probably already thought of this, but let me bask in my self-created delusional moment that nobody has ever thought of doing this before 🙂

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