So excited!

I’m so excited to share my awesome news…  my quilt,  Midnight Garden, won a blue ribbon at the county fair!

blue ribbonIt’s a terrible picture, I know, but if you look verrrry carefully, on the right hand side almost in the middle, you can see the blue ribbon….  it’s there, really…

And to top it off, I just received notification that it’s also been accepted into the 2013 NW Quilting Expo in Portland next month!!!

snoopy happy danceYep, that was me, doing the Snoopy happy dance – ALL NIGHT LONG.  I’m sure it was  unbearable for my husband and kids, except I baked a cake for myself in celebration.  Chocolate with chocolate fudge frosting.  They didn’t seem to mind THAT.

The best part was when I emailed Cindi the news.  She called me immediately, whooping and screaming.  I think she might have been more excited than I was!  It’s always incredibly fun when you have a good friend who understands what something like this means to you, and celebrates with you.

Okay, I’ll quit bragging.  For now.

peg large sigExcited? Excited?!?!?! Over-the-top ecstatic was more like it. Your quilt is absolutely gorgeous and I knew it would go far! You’re piecing abilities are beyond amazing – you should teach classes on that – Practice Perfect Piecing Perfection with Peggi. Yeah. That’s it. You should also teach a color class. Your color choices are always so incredibly eye-catching. How lucky I am that we met and became fast friends. I will have my fingers, toes and eyes crossed for your entry into the NW Quilting Expo!

Cindi 100 small




5 thoughts on “So excited!

  1. Peggi…that is just totally, totally AWESOME! And no wonder it won the blue ribbon…it’s GORGEOUS! I know just what you mean about celebrating with someone that understands. You have our permission to do the happy dance any time you feel the moment…for at least the next week…lol.

  2. Peggi: Congrats! Its an amazing quilt, deserving of its blue ribbon. Only another quilter would realize how exciting it is to have your talent recognized.
    Thanks for your blog. Always enjoy reading it!

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