What would YOU want in an app to track expenses for quilts you sell? They need your ideas!

What if you could help design an app that lets you track quilt expenses the way quilters actually want it, and not the way non-quilters would do it? And all you had to do was give your opinion? I say YES, I’ll help! I recently downloaded the app “Project Quilt”.

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It’s a lovely app that allows  you to track your expenses for each quilt you make. You can see it here http://komakode.com/ , just click on “Project Quilt” to see what it can do, or to download it to your iPad.

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I emailed the developer about adding labor costs to it, as this would make it a perfect sales receipt, or even for those of us who just want to track what we’re “giving away” when we gift a quilt to someone. The developer, Karl, and I have been emailing back and forth with ideas to add to make the app sales-applicable, as he hadn’t considered this aspect. I told him I’d pose the questions here, to get opinions from actual quilters as to what they want. Here are the questions:

If you were looking for the perfect app to track your expenses and time, what would you want to see? What would you want included?

As far as tracking time, would you want just a single spot to put in your total time, or would you want to be able to track the time for each day? I thought adding a spot for what you did during that time (i.e. setup, piecing, quilting) might be nice, as most non-quilters don’t realize the time it actually takes to do these things.

What else would you like to see? A timeclock? The app as-is only allows one picture per quilt. Would you want to be able to add more, i.e. progress pictures?

Karl is VERY interested in updating this app with things that aren’t available in any other app. Your ideas would help him create exactly what WE want, not what non-quilters think we want. I appreciate that he actually wants to listen to us! Be specific. Fire away with your ideas!!

PS: I am in no way connected to this app. I just really like it and would love to see it more “quilter-friendly”!

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3 thoughts on “What would YOU want in an app to track expenses for quilts you sell? They need your ideas!

  1. It would be great to have an app that tracks EVERYTHING involved in making a quilt each day, from time involved in shopping for the fabric, to designing, cutting, etc. I always take in-progress pictures of quilts I give away, so multiple pictures per quilt would be wonderful. Ability to scan receipts to keep track of what is spent on supplies would be good. Having a place to put recipient/customer information would be nice too. Lastly, a place to keep track of where we bought which fabric. After a shop hop, once the fabric is in the stash, it is sometimes difficult to remember which store it came from. {Maybe I’m asking too much for an app 😉 }

    Any chance of this being developed for tablets other that iPad? If so, I would be very interested.

  2. Let my enthusiasm get ahead of me and jumped in with suggestions before I looked at your screen shots. Noticed some of the suggestions are there. Oh well.

    It is a great idea, and I am looking forward to seeing the finished product.

  3. I know this is an old thread, but wow…great idea. I’d love to see an app that could somehow keep track of supplies, machines, time, and everything else SEPARATELY, with the ability to earmark each one for any particular project. That way, you could buy needles or fabric when they’re on sale & immediately enter them into your supplies database, and then later when you want to use them, you select them as part of “Project A” or whatever. I’m doing this myself with Excel, but it’d be nice to have a mobile version.

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