The best laid plans….well….

Has this ever happened to you? The best laid plans come to a screeching halt because of something as simple as a cup falling out of the cupboard? I was working on my tumbler quilt

and went upstairs to get something to drink. Opened the cupboard, and this little fella


apparently felt he didn’t have enough elbow room on the shelf. He fell on my head. This started a cascade of events. The concussion conclusion being WE HAVE TOO MUCH STUFF. That moment began a cleaning frenzy that hasn’t been seen on this side of the family in several generations. It has taken a week, but I have gone through every cabinet, closet, drawer and storage space in this house.  And my husband took the hint to steer clear of the wreckage, offering – only in well calculated, strategic moments – to take out trash, bring nourishment, or listen to my rantings in those moments when I’d find a dozen bottles of Soft Scrub in 4 different cabinets or 4 of the same book in different drawers.

I mean, seriously. How many coffee cups do two people need?


I doubt Starbucks has this many coffee cups in their store at one time.

Oh, and wait a minute. You’ll love this. I shredded 12 – yes, TWELVE green trash bags of old files, receipts, tax forms, etc. Some of them from the late 80’s!! This is 8 of the twelve in the back of my car. I’m taking them to work to recycle. We live in the boonies. There’s no recycling here.


So, now the “Gently Used Second Hand Store” is officially open in my basement.


My recently-graduated-from-college nieces are coming up to shop (for free, of course!) and stock up their own new apartments and homes. Better this stuff is in their house than in mine! What they don’t take will be donated. I don’t do garage sales. I’ll take a tax deduction rather than the headache of a garage sale. Hell, I’ll take a colonoscopy over a garage sale.

I still need to do the sewing room. Yes, it will be cleaned out, too. Anything that doesn’t have to do with quilting is GONE. All those little craft projects I started, the paints, the brushes, the craft books. Gone. But the nieces aren’t interested in that stuff, so that can wait for a week or two.

Needless to say, the tumbler quilt hasn’t been touched. I need to get more blue anyway. I’m two rows short. I think a trip to the fabric store sounds like a great reward for all this madness. 




Were all those coffee cups full of coffee that you drank?!!?!?  Is that how you cleaned out your house and stocked the second-hand store in your basement?  Ha ha!  I’m exhausted just looking at the pictures!  I wish we didn’t live 2200 miles apart, I sure could use your expertise (and energy) in purging my house.

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6 thoughts on “The best laid plans….well….

  1. Your “stash” of coffee cups is familiar. Being a retired teacher, I had accumulated nearly 50 of the silly things. I did the same thing-gathered them up and donated them. Everyone knows teachers drink coffee, so that’s the gift of choice for teacher appreciation and Christmas. 🙂
    You’re going to love feeling light and organized!!!

  2. Karen and Mary Ann, those coffee cups ARE going to a better place. My DBIL is a firefighter, and has asked for 2 dozen for the firehouse! So they’ll take a fun trip back with my nieces and probably see more excitement in the firehouse than has ever been seen in this house!

  3. I can’t wait to show the pic of the cups to my hubster! He thinks I have a ton of cups, but you have me beat!! I’ve been wanting to do a purge too, but will have to wait til after Aug. We leave for a 3 wk driving trip from New Orleans to Portland, Or soon. But I plan on doing the purge right after that. You gave me the push I needed!! Congrats on getting yours done!

  4. Ha ha! I so had to laugh! I don’t do garage sales either…and I have had a colonoscopy and would MUCH rather have another of them than a garage sale also! We “purged” my 8-year old daughter’s room today and will work on my son’s tomorrow.

    Way to go! You will love the room! Just beware, the free space seems to attract more stuff to fill it….

  5. My jaw actually dropped when I saw all those coffee cups. Impressive collection. I’m sure you are loving having the extra space in your cupboard. Good for you to find a way to recycle all that paper even though you don’t have recycling in your area.

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