Starting a tumbler


Okay, I’m really embarrassed. This is the first time I’ve used my Go, and I got it for Christmas in 2011!. What was I waiting for??? I’ve always wanted to make a tumbler quilt, but never have. For cryin’ out loud, that’s one of the reasons I got the Go – I didn’t want to deal with cutting out weird shapes! So I pulled out my GO and cut up some scraps. had a blast cutting out the tumblers, and love that the corners are already snipped for you, so perfect seaming ahead! I’m making this quilt totally out of my stash – I had so many pieces of fabric that were too small for a full quilt, but too big to justify throwing out. Plus, you always need to make room for new stash, right?!?!?


I was frustrated trying to find the cutting area to lay the fabric correctly on the dies without slicing my fingers up, so I outlined it with a silver Sharpie. It worked so well that I spent the evening doing that to the rest of my dies. Several of them didn’t have the finished size on the little label, and my eyesight sucks anyway, so I also wrote what size the finished block would be and what size I should cut the fabric (to reduce waste) right on the foam of the die. I found this holder in the kitchen section of my local Walmart, and picked it up for $5.I’m not going to be moving them around, so I don’t need an expensive holder. Love it.

I have to work on Monday and Tuesday, then I’m off for 12 days. Guess what I’ll be doing!!



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  1. I’ve made a large tumbler baby quilt with my Go. I’m going to have to get me a silver Sharpie…thanks for the tip.

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