Shae’s T-shirt quilt

Another one done and delivered! This was for my “niece”, Shae. I call her my niece. She calls me Aunt Cindi. So, hey, she’s my niece! She got it for her high school graduation.

Shea-with-quiltShe’s a happy camper! It’s got all of her soccer shirts she’s collected over the years. I found a great soccer ball fabric to use in the border. Do you have any idea how hard it is to find soccer fabric that’s not baby-ish? Sheesh! You’d think that only 6-year-olds play soccer. Now, hopefully she’ll wear it out keeping warm in that drafty dorm room that all colleges have.

And, of course, I added a  QR label in the event it’s ever lost. The finder will be lead directly to our website where they can contact us so it can be returned.



Congratulations, Shae – and Go Bearcats!!

PS: If you’d like to make a quilt like this, there’s a tutorial here 🙂

Cindi 100

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