Initiating a new generation

My 12-year old son, Preston, attends a charter school that focuses on project-based learning.  Imagine how tickled I was when he came home from school and informed me that his math project for that week was to create 2 quilt blocks!

The requirements were that each block had to have a minimum of 8 pieces.  He had to figure out the area of each section, or patch, then how much fabric was required for a) each patch of the block, b) each block, and c)  for a whole quilt.  He thought it would be fun to make his blocks out of fabric, instead of drawing and coloring them.  I heartily agreed.  What else could I have done?  heh heh….

So I sat quietly while he drew his blocks out on paper and did the math.

Sorry, Electric Quilt Company, but this is one time when it really does need to be done the hard way.

Once he finished his design on paper, it was open season on the fabric stash.  I showed him stripes, prints, swirls, but to my surprise he picked solids.

(It’s entirely possible that he was overwhelmed by the selection.)

After watching him make 2 or 3 cuts with my rotary cutter, we both agreed it would be better if I was in charge of cutting, and he was in charge of sewing.

I set him up on my “baby” Brother machine, the one with the variable speed control

He did very, very well!  He put together two beautiful blocks!

It’s always fun to initiate a quilt noobie!  I asked him if he had fun, he said yes.  I asked him how likely it was that he would sew something else, perhaps an entire quilt.  He thought about it, then answered, “About 35% chance, I’d say.”

I’ll take it!

p.s.  Yes, Mom, he’s had a haircut since this picture was taken…


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