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I love EQ for T-shirt quilts. I seem to be making a lot of them lately, and love being able to try out my layouts before I even take my rotary cutter to the shirts. I’m currently making one for a friend’s daughter’s graduation, and wanted to send her pictures of what the quilt could look like with different fabrics. She’s in Ohio, I’m in Michigan. There’s no way to get together to sit down together to do this. Shea is a soccer player, so I found some nice soccer fabric that wasn’t “kiddie” to use in it.

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I took pictures of all the shirts and loaded them into EQ.

This mock-up is a big, fat “YUCK”!

That border is waaay to dark, and the sashings catch the eye instead of the shirts.

It needs a pop of color, too, doesn’t it? It’s pretty boring.

This one is OUT.


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I decided to use the soccer fabric in the border instead.

MUCH better. I like the way the yellow 1/2″ border on the outside frames the quilt. But the sashings look washed out, don’t they? What if we add another pop of color just outside the sashing and made the sashings black?




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Looks good. A definite maybe. I like the way the soccer fabric “reads” as a mottled grey color. Keeps the eye on the shirts, not the border.




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Let’s try a pop of red. We are Ohio State Buckeyes, after all!

Oooh, that looks SO nice! And look how that completely changed the look of the quilt!




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What would white look like? It was a surprise to me that I actually liked it. Almost frames it like a picture, doesn’t it?






I enjoy trying out different fabrics and colors to see what happens. I don’t “imagine” things well, and need to see them to really get a feel for what a quilt will look like. This is why I love EQ. I don’t know it as well as Peggi does (she’s a true whiz at it!) but I’ve got the t-shirt quilts down to a fine science. And I love being able to give my customers choices. I can try out the fabrics before I buy them, and changes can easily be made before I start cutting up the shirts!

If you’re interested in making one of these, I’ve written a tutorial for beginners that you can download here. They’re sure a lot of fun, and I’ve made some extra “fabric money” making them for others!

6 thoughts on “EQ for T-Shirt Quilts

  1. Cindi,
    You did a get job with this post!! I’m an EQ7 user and also a Buckeye!! I really feel for you living in that State Up North!! I will be checking out your T-Shirt Quilt tutorial for tips.

  2. I’m working on a T-shirt Quilt and I’m also using EQ7 for deciding on the layout. My plan is to get input on the layout from my girlfriend and her daughter.

  3. I am going to order EQ7 so I can make three t-shirt quilts. My grandson recently passed away and I want to make one for my daughter, the boys father and my granddaughter. I want the approval of those three people before I get started. Could you please explain the steps you use to get the t-shirts into the program?

    • My condolences on the loss of your grandson, Sharon. To be honest, I just followed the instructions on adding pictures in the “Help” section of EQ when adding the t-shirt pics to EQ. The instructions are easy to follow. It’s one of the reasons we love EQ – it’s so easy to find help when you need it!

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