Latest and greatest in birthday block swap

Birthday girl has received her blocks, so I can show these now.

She specified red, blue, tan and cream.

I love how both blocks turned out, but this appliqued log cabin has a special place in my heart.

It’s inspired by one of the very first quilts I ever made.

It hung in our master bath, of all places, sort of forgotten, until I had a guest who admired it at length and asked if she could have it.  I thought why not let it go to a new home, where someone will love it anew?

But I missed it, like a child who has grown and moved on.  It was pretty, the soft taupes and pinks and corals.  The wall in the master bath is still empty.  So I decided to make another one, this time destined for another home from day one.

Gorgeous.  Even my husband loved it.  This was the one he didn’t want me to send away (apparently he didn’t care much for the pinks) but I assured him I can always make another one.


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