8-Hour Marathon

Spent the last 8 hours in the sewing room today – the first time in a long time! Getting started on a quilt for the daughter of my friend, Beth. It’s for her graduation. All soccer shirts. Think I’m going to look for some soccer fabric to back this baby with.

Got the shirts all cut and interfaced. Had a few where I had to add a portion of the back to the front, or vice-versa. Like this one, which had “Unstoppable” on the back. I cut it out and added it to the front of the shirt:


And this one, that had a logo on the front, which I cut out and added to the back of the shirt:


Of course, my room is a wreck now, and it will stay that way until this quilt is done. I throw absolutely nothing away until my quilts are done – you never know what you’ll need, and once it’s gone, you can’t get it back again!


I’ll be in North Carolina next weekend visiting my girlfriend, so nothing will get done until the following weekend. Glad this room is in the basement and I won’t have to look at this mess for two weeks!




Wow, you’re getting to be quite the t-shirt quilt pro!  Next thing you know, you’ll be taking orders!

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  1. I need your advice on how to make a quilt using my grandaugjters cheerleading outfits. it is for their mother, my daughter as a surprise.. I have made memory quilt and 9-square. But i really am not sure where to start?? appreciate any help you could give. sincerely Melinda

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