Birthday Block swap

For the first time in my so-called quilting career, I joined a swap.  The birthday block swap sounded like fun – to participate, you agree to make 2 blocks for everyone on the swap list.  The blocks are sent to each participant on her birthday.  The birthday girl chooses the colors she wants in her blocks, and the block makers get to pick the block pattern. All blocks are to be 12.5″ when you put them in the mail.

Here are the first two blocks I made.  The birthday girl wanted sage green, blue, tan and cream fabrics.

I’ve always admired this bordered star block, and this gave me a chance to make one.  If you like it, go here for the pattern.

I have to tell you, choosing fabrics from my stash was way more difficult than I thought it would be. Here’s a sample of my inner dialogue:

“Hmmm, sage green… this one is too olive, this one is too blue… this one is sage but it’s a darker sage, too dark I think… is this one too yellow? Well, let’s put that aside for a moment and try something easier – blue. Well, did she mean light blue or dark blue or dusky blue or midnight blue… this blue is kind of greenish… that blue is more purple… Holy cow, making blocks for someone else is HARD!!!”

I finally sat down, took a deep breath, and realized that since everyone is making different blocks and using different fabrics, the whole quilt will be scrappy and my fabric choices won’t matter that much.

Here’s the second birthday block:

A tulip block, another favorite of mine.

I’m already having fun!  This is a great way to experiment with blocks I’ve always wanted to try out, but didn’t have the right project for.


7 thoughts on “Birthday Block swap

  1. I like ’em! And the fact that she is getting blocks from a bunch of different people means that it was extra nice that you used very similar colors between the two. It will help that much more to bring her quilt together. I like that swap idea. You mind sharing the swap place?

    • Hi Kathy, thank you for your comment! The block swap is taking place in this forum: The first swap closes at the end of the month, but I believe another swap will be starting up in a month or two for people who came late to the party and don’t want to scramble to catch up. You are welcome to join!

  2. You made such awesome blocks for someone you don’t even know! You are a terrific person. I wish I was in that swap because I would be so excited about the blocks YOU would make ME!!! You are very thoughtful to make such nice blocks for a total stranger1 i applaud you. I get all your blogs in my email and thoroughly enjoy them. Jeanne

    • Oh that’s very sweet of you, Jeanne. I wouldn’t say the swap members are strangers, though – we’re all getting to be good friends through the swap! Thank you for your comments!

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