What-If Land

I have to say I’m really excited about where this quilt is going.  Here’s where it was –

It’s grown quite a bit larger since then.

Now I go off into what I call What-If Land.  What-If Land can sometimes fill me full of doubt and frustration, but I think this quilt is going to be lots of fun to play with!

My first what-if was to turn it on point, and I loved it.

Next, I what-iffed some scraps up onto the design wall.

Hmm.  Not doing much for me.  I like the lily pad thing at the bottom, but it doesn’t really go with this quilt.  Okay, keep what-iffing….

Ooh, now that has possibilities.  I like it!

The right side is kind of boring, but the left side has possibilities.  What if I added another shape, such as a circle….?

I think I like the circles and leaves on the left best.  They’re kind of playful.

This has been a fun trip to What If Land, don’t you think?  What are some of your experiences in What If Land?  I’d love to hear about them!

I love the circles and leaves too! I can’t wait to see this one when it’s done. It is so colorful!



One thought on “What-If Land

  1. I like this one. It is an interesting pattern. Are you going to show the inspiration for this design?

    I think I like the circles and leaves too.

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