Back in the saddle again

Sorry for the delay, folks.  Cindi and I had some technical difficulties with our blog.  We ended up dumping our old, PITA blog host and moving to a new provider.  I could go into the boring, whiny, technical details, but I’d rather talk about QUILTS!

The blog has been quiet, but I sure haven’t!  I’ve started more projects (of course), and made some progress on existing quilts.

Assembly on the clamshell quilt has started:

I started – and COMPLETED – yet another Florentine Fantasy quilt.  It is such an addictive pattern, so fun and easy.  This is the only quilt pattern I’ve made more than one of.


I goofed around with some cute little storage containers, made from scraps and fabric-covered buttons.  They turned out pretty good, except for the fact that I became too impatient to sew the zippers in.  So I glued them with a hot glue gun instead, and some glue got stuck in the zippers.  Oops.

I’ll be back tomorrow with a post about going to Houston with Cindi – it was a blast!

3 thoughts on “Back in the saddle again

  1. oh my! You are ambitious with that clamshell layout!!! I just assumed you would be laying them out in rows! This layout will be STUNNING! I can’t wait to see a finish!!!

    • Hi Laurie,
      The pattern for that quilt is called Florentine Fantasy by Dragon Lady Quilts, it’s available for purchase from her website and also (strangely enough) is a free download from Robert Kaufman’s website here. Click “Download More Info” to the right of the picture. I’m not familiar with the Four-Patch posy, so I can’t say if it’s similar. One instruction in the pattern that I highly recommend you follow – don’t prewash your fabric! Have fun!

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