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What’s the weirdest, strangest place you’ve ever found inspiration for a quilt?  I know all about Pinterest, tiled floors in Italy, and quilt shows.  I’m talking about WEIRD, like maybe the pattern your couch fabric leaves on the back of your son’s legs when he falls asleep on it, or when your husband drops a plate of pancakes and syrup, and instead of scolding him, you stare at the sticky mess on the floor, then run for your camera to take a picture of the awesome design in the syrup before anyone (who am I kidding) I clean it up.

By the way, this behavior might seem strange to your family, but no one so much as blinks anymore in my house.

I found inspiration for this quilt at the grocery store, of all places.  I’m keeping the inspirational item a big fat secret for now, ha.  After I saw this objet d’art, I couldn’t get it out of my head for WEEKS, and you know what they say about cravings – once you give in, it will go away. So I gave in.

I’ve wanted to make something out of solids for a while, and this seemed like the perfect opportunity.  Moda Bella, here I come!

moda bella

Hello, my precious.  So glad you could come home with Mama.

I spent a day or two petting them, oh yes I did.  Especially the pink and rose ones.

(Whiny sidebar – I never got to sew pink quilts or toddler dresses.  I spawned gave birth to boys; my friends and family had all boys until finally my only niece was born.  She liked and appreciated pink for a total of 17 minutes.  Sniff.)

I kept the fabric folded selvedge to selvedge, and folded it again lengthwise, measured 6″ and cut across the folds.

Shhhh – don’t tell the Quilt Police…  I didn’t prewash my Bella babies.  I seriously doubt those dyes will run.  I like shrunk, crinkly quilts.  And the real reason I didn’t prewash – I was too impatient!


Then I folded the strip in half and arranged it on my Accuquilt circle die.

on the dieCranked away and got some circles!


Note: I tried 8 layers of fabric at first, which is the most that Accuquilt recommends cutting at one time.  However, after cutting about half of them, I switched to four layers for a couple of reasons: at eight layers, my circles were being cut a little lopsided, and I was getting increasing resistance from the hand crank.  I didn’t want to break it or strip the gears or anything.  Better safe than sorry.

Now I have a big, gorgeous pile of Bella circles

cutting circles

And a pile of scraps that looks like the Easter bunny barfed on my dining room table.  I might have some plans for these scraps later.

cutting room floor

Coming up: What I did with all those circles!


One thought on “weird inspiration

  1. Hi
    I have been reading your blog and am really enjoying it. I went out searching for a website that would tell me why my finished quilt that was so easy to construct turned out so very wrong. Figured out it was my ironing job. Oh well, it’s a wonderful quilt, it just won’t go on a wall.

    I was writing about your wrist. I had a similar situation with my right wrist. Sometimes it just hurts really bad. It’s tendinitus. I somehow kept straining it and the following day is when it would hurt. Usually I strain it lifting something heavy, like after a Costco run. For three or four days afterwards I couldn’t lift with it or put any pressure on it. Eventually (maybe a year after) I can say that the situation has corrected itself.

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