One foot in front of the other

Whew.  It was kind of a rough summer for both Cindi and I.  Her granddaughter Micki became seriously ill with an often-misdiagnosed illness, so she spent most of her summer nursing Micki back to health.  Meanwhile, my beloved father-in-law passed, and while we were in California attending his memorial service, our sweet, goofy Labrador retriever unexpectedly died.  Let me tell you, the wind completely left my sails.  I continued working on projects, but every time I sat down to write about them, words and enthusiasm both abandoned me.  So I gave up blogging for a while and simply ate lots of comfort food while listening to Fleetwood Mac and John Denver.   (Admit it, you like John Denver too!)

Some days I just snuggled with my youngest boy and watched reruns of I Love Lucy, or America’s Funniest Videos, or that improv show Drew Carey did for a while, can’t remember the name.  (Colin Mochrie and Ryan Stiles are just hysterical, aren’t they?)  Sometimes you just have to shut down for 22 minutes and let someone make you laugh so hard you snort milk out your nose.  It gives you the energy to put one foot in front of the other and keep going.

Over the summer, I did finish this quilt:


It’s a “Ten-Minute Block” quilt made with a Moda “Lily & Will” layer cake and a few scraps from my stash.  I originally donated the unquilted top to Passage Quilts, a program at a local hospital that gives a quilt to every terminal patient.   After the patient passes on, the quilt is given to the family.

One of my friends quilted it, then it needed a binding.


Well, as it so happens, I LOVE to hand-sew on bindings, and this gave me a chance to reflect as I worked on a quilt that would – hopefully – keep someone else warm and cozy during their journey from this world to the next.

After the binding was finished, I washed the quilt, and boy was THAT a treat!  It came out so soft and sweetly puckered.  Aren’t soft, puckered quilts the absolute best?


Love those sweet chocolate bunnies.

The quilt is on its way to keep its new owner warm and comfortable.

I’ll be back soon with more pictures of What I Did On My Summer Vacation – and a tutorial!


One thought on “One foot in front of the other

  1. I use to hand sew my binding, but then I started not liking to do binding at all. I had 9 quilts that needed binding and I finally machine sewed one and it looked awful, so I cut it off, and redid it and it still looked bad, but it’s going to my daughter and she won’t know. The rest of my quilts I took yesterday to my LQS and the owner is going to bind them all for me. I will be paying around $33 for each one. She is going to machine stitch a couple and hand stitch the rest.
    I am not good at binding. I even tried the Sharon Shambers way…Elmer’s glue, and that was a big mistake! But I’m proud of you for loving hand binding. I so wish I felt like you did. I love your blog!!!! Very clean and entertaining! I found it from The Quilting Board!!

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