My first Transparency Quilt

This is the quilt top I finished up a couple of weekends ago. I made it in one day.


It’s from the new book Transparency Quilts: 10 Modern Projects by Weeks Ringle and Bil Kerr, and the pattern is called “Madras”. Love their designs. Have all their books. And love the way this really looks like a plaid blanket!!!!!! Can’t wait to get it on the frame to quilt. This one’s gonna be fun.

Transparency Quilts: 10 Modern Projects

Click on picture to see more pics from this book from

Okay, maybe I should say I cut and constructed this quilt in one day. I read the instructions the day before I made it (yes, I’m one of those people who ALWAYS reads through the instructions!) and, as usual, I re-wrote them to suit my style of quilting. (Trust me, I’m not dissing the book here, I love, love, love the book! Shoot, I re-write LOTS of patterns if I can find an easier construction method for me. Everyone writes differently.) So technically it took two days. This quilt screams strip-piecing, and while one section was strip-pieced in the instructions, the other section wasn’t, but could be. And I’m ALL for making things as easy as possible. No, I’m not lazy. I’ve just got a life that doesn’t allow for endless sewing (I wish!) of little squares. Time is not on my side, for sure LOL! Since it was just two different rows of the same fabrics, I was able to strip piece the two row of colors, cut it apart and sew the sections together. Simple. I’ll be making several of these quilts! Plus, it’s a great quilt for beginners. Several of the other quilts in the book were strip-pieced, and I’m moving on to the “Tartan” quilt next. In green, I think, or deep reds. It is totally strip-pieced and is beautiful. And I just bought fabric for my daughter so I can help her make the “Share And Share Alike” quilt while she’s here on vacation. I’m planning on making at least 5 other quilts from this book. It. Is. Amazing!!!!  All of the patterns in this book would look great with the packs of graduated colors of fabric available out there.

Because I’ve never done transparency before, I made it the same colors as the sample in the book, using their color charts to choose my fabrics. While it took me a couple of hours at the fabric store to match fabrics, it really helped me understand how tones can really affect the overall look of the quilt. After looking at fabrics for a while, I started seeing the cool vs. warm tones, and how badly they can look together in this type of quilt! One of the really nice things about this book is that they have pics of the actual fabrics they used in the sample quilt, side-by-side, so you can see how they blend. Plus, they have several other color options for each quilt. Really gets the creative juices flowing!! Can I say I love this book again?????

Peggi and I were talking the other day about how color is so dang hard for us when it comes to quilting. We never know if we’re matching tones correctly or if “this” color will really go with “that”. In fact, Peggi’s got a quilt she’s working on right now and the border color is giving her absolute fits. She’ll tell you more about that later. I’m hoping now that I’m working with “Transparent Quilts”, it will bring more understanding of color to my world. I may be color-impaired, but maybe at least now I’ll get the tones right!

PS: Connecting Threads has this book on sale right now for $16.77!!!


Wow, that quilt looks really easy!  I think the Tartan quilt is my favorite in that whole book – can’t wait to see it!

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