Murphy’s Law of completing a commission quilt

My mid-arm quilting machine gave me fits trying to get this quilt done.


Halfway through quilting it, the tension decided it was tired of cooperating. Went completely out of whack. Of course, this never happens when I have a “just gotta make a quilt for fun” quilt on the frame and could play with it until the cows come home. Nooooo. It happens when I’ve got a graduation quilt up that has to be mailed by Monday to get it there for the graduation party on Saturday. Ugh. I completely ripped out the stitching in three of the squares. I’d get the thread loops on the bottom corrected, and it would railroad on top. I’d fix the top threads, and the bottom would loop again. AARRGGGH! I had my insurance agent on speed dial, as I was certain the machine would “mysteriously” fly out the upstairs window and crash into the front yard, and I’d need to file a claim.

Finally got the tension correct and sewed the binding on it on Wednesday. Spent most of the day Thursday watching movies and catching up on recorded TV shows while hand-stitching the binding to the back. My fingers are bruised, but it’s done. I always hand-stitch bindings, as it’s the only thing I do that is completely by hand. That way I can say it was “handmade” and feel like I’m telling the truth. It was shipped on Friday. It will get there with time to spare. Whew! Hannah’s a sweetie, and I know she’ll love it, so it was all worth it.

Oh, by the way, this is the second quilt I’ve made with zebra-striped fabric. I solemnly swear I will never do it again. My eyes go absolutely buggy trying to sew that stuff!


One thought on “Murphy’s Law of completing a commission quilt

  1. Where did you finally find the zebra fabric? One of my quilter friends is looking for it for her grand-daughter a quilt (loves ANYTHING zebra pattern) Has a zebra rotary cutter, really cute. Any info would be appreciated.

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