Knee-deep in triangles

I found a station on Pandora that had me just bouncing with energy.  It’s called “Scorpions Radio” and is pretty much all 80’s arena rock, the same stuff I listened to in high school.  I heard songs I haven’t heard in YEARS!  So I cranked it up, much to the dismay of my teenager, and went on a chain-piecing rampage.


I was feeling pretty good about my progress until I took a break and counted up how many HSTs* I would need for a quilt that would measure about 90″ square.  I need another 80 blocks, and there are 16 squares in each block.  So, that means I need to sew together another 2,560 triangles.


Maybe this is why I like making miniature quilts so much – instant gratification!


p.s.  HST = half square triangles.  Two triangles are sewn together to form a square.

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