The hardest easy quilt I’ve ever made.

This quilt made me want to tear my hair out. Literally.

Quilt held by my personal maneasel

Quilt held by my personal maneasel

It is the quilt from hell that I made for an angel’s wedding.  Certainly doesn’t look like it should be that difficult for a fairly seasoned quilter, does it?? I learned so many lessons making this quilt that I could rival War and Peace in length and content. My biggest lesson? Never, EVER pre-sash an on-point quilt. I spent an entire two weeks trying to figure out how to fix end pieces that didn’t have sashing. My second biggest lesson? You can always count on your quilty friends! Peggi was a lifesaver, listening to me whine and moan for days on end about it, then coming up with the solution. We actually even had a math teacher helping us – quite comically, I may add – on Facebook at one point! There were numbers flying everywhere.

I used curved quilting since everything was square:


Finally, the quilt is finished, and my niece and her new husband now have it. It’s actually bigger than it looks in the picture – 60 x 78, I think. I love making lap quilts. They get used – a lot. Here’s the label I designed in Photoshop…

Lucky in love

…and how it actually looked after it was printed on muslin and Bubble Jet Set


I’m thrilled with the way it turned out. And it looks like I’ll get a chance to make it again – DH wants one for our bed! I know I won’t make the same mistakes twice this time 🙂


3 thoughts on “The hardest easy quilt I’ve ever made.

  1. What did you mean by ” Never, EVER pre-sash an on-point quilt.” What is pre-shashing ? Thank you. Deanna

  2. ditto… Was wondering what ‘pre sashing’ is also, would love to learn from your lessons learned. Not looking for that novel but if there’s anything you could throw out there to help I would love to hear it! Thank you.

  3. Hi Deanna and Laurie! Thanks so much for commenting here. Pre-sashing is where you put the sashing on the blocks, instead of having one long strip of sashing and trying to match the blocks up to the sashing. If you look at my tutorial for the T-shirt quilt here:
    you’ll see how to pre-sash. It REALLY helps keep all your blocks straight and true! Let me know if you have any other questions about it, and happy quilting!

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