It’s pronounced “doe-deck-a-HEE-drun” – according to my geek husband.  It’s a 12-sided object.  Here is half of it.


I knew there wasn’t going to be time or space for any quilting over the Christmas holidays, so I picked up a couple of quilting magazines from the bookstore to keep me happy.  When I flipped through the latest issue of the New Zealand Quilter I found this  – a 12-sided pin cushion.  Just what I needed – a small portable hand-sewn project to keep me sane!


I did most of the prep work on a portable table while watching football and chatting with family.


It’s made of 5 diamonds sewn into stars.  12 stars, one for each side.


I can’t wait to see it finished!


Now THAT is cool! I’m not a pincushion user, but it would certainly be a nice, bright addition to my sewing room (hint, hint!!). Love the fabrics. Did you hand-sew all of those diamonds?????


5 thoughts on “Dodecahedron

  1. I’m reading your blog backwards, i.e. scrolling back through all the posts. So I haven’t seen a picture of the completed pincushion and was wondering if you were able to complete it. I’m very curious to know what it looks like because I have a hard time visualizing things in three dimensions. (That’s why I love making quilts; they’re flat!)


  2. Hi C.B.,
    I am so sorry…. I have been looking and looking for the finished pincushion and I can’t find it anywhere! It’s entirely possible I gave it away before I took pictures of it. 🙁

    But your comment has me itching to make another one. I’ll send you a picture when I do!


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