Apple Core coolness!

Just a quick post to share ONE of the things I’ve been working on this week…


Apple cores.  I attempted – ATTEMPTED, I say! – my first apple core quilt about 5 years ago.  Everything went fine until I started sewing the rows together, by machine of course.  When I realized I was going to have to flip the quit around every other shape, just to get it stitched with no puckers, I wadded it up and threw it in the corner.

But I recently won a pattern (more on that later), and the pattern designer’s instructions for assembling apple cores were different than anything I have seen before.  Applique!  I smacked myself in the head.  Why didn’t I think of that?  This technique is so easy – and quick!


Did I mention that the apple cores are 2 inches long?  Heh heh.  Right up my miniature alley!

That is super, SUPER cool! I can’t believe those cores are 2-inches. You’re amazing at those miniatures. And with an applique technique, I may be tempted to try apple cores – you know me, I avoid curves like the plague!!


One thought on “Apple Core coolness!

  1. Do tell – what is the name of this wonder pattern/technique which allows smmoth apple core curves? I’m scared to death of curves!!

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