Pre-sashing isn’t always a good thing…..

I’m working on the charm square quilt for my niece, and am loving the way it looks. I am absolutely in love with the Needles & Wool flannel fabric line and must get more soon. However, all is not going well with this quilt.

I am a firm believer in pre-sashing. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve done sashing where the corner blocks just will not match up for me. Pre-sashing makes things a hundred times easier in that respect. When I started this quilt, it was going to be a straight square quilt.


And after a conversation with Peggi changed my mind to this:


I already had half of the squares pre-sashed, and couldn’t see a reason not to continue on. But once I finished, I realized what a mistake this was. In the next picture (sorry it’s a bit fuzzy) I’ve got all the diagonal rows sewn together. But now you can see my problem:


So now you can see I need THREE different setting squares. And I suck at math. I get a headache just thinking about it. Peggi’s helping me, thank heavens. She’s a wiz at this kind of stuff. I’ve sent her my EQ file, even though I don’t know it will help. I only wish she were here. She could teach me SO much about triangles. I avoid them like the plague because of the math involved.

Lesson learned on this quilt: Do NOT pre-sash on-point quilts!!

Well, I think it’s too early to say that you shouldn’t have pre-sashed on this one.  I still think it was the right way to go, but I DO think it might have been too early to sew all the rows together.  You still need to add your triangles and sashing, and you’ll probably end up ripping about 2″ of the seams at the end of the rows so you can attach them.  The good news is I haven’t finished my Pom Pom de Paris quilt yet.  It’s exactly the same as your Needles & Wool quilt, and I’m at the same point you are – I need to add my setting triangles.  I’ll let you know how I did it – as soon as I figure it out, lol!


One thought on “Pre-sashing isn’t always a good thing…..

  1. Measure your blocks from the tip of the red cornerstones on the right side to the tip of the next cornerstone – add 1-1/2 to 2 inches. That is the size of block you need to quarter for your right side setting triangles. For the left side setting triangles make your sashing for a block, quarter cut the SAME size block you use for the right side setting triangles and add sashing to the bias seams. That is the setting triangle for the Left side of your quilt. Ditto for top and bottom adding whatever sashing and cornerstone you need to finish the blocks.

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