Second-fastest quilt in the west

Remember this quilt top?


No?  Probably because I made it over a year ago.  I didn’t like it much then, and I still don’t like it now.  So, I decided to make a few changes.


Well.  That’s a bit more interesting.


Looks kind of pixelated, doesn’t it?


Check this out – one of the fabrics I used for the Little Wallet matches perfectly!  It’s pretty busy, though.  What if I added some solids to cool it off and tone it down a bit?


Meh.  Too light.


Hmph.  I like this a tiny bit better, but it still doesn’t sing to me.  Maybe this fabric won’t work at all with this quilt.

I guess I’ll have to finish re-assembling it before I decide on borders.


4 thoughts on “Second-fastest quilt in the west

  1. I totally love the colours you chose. It does look a bit busy. My thought was to put black sashing between the rows randomly (sew two rows, black sash, sew three rows, black sashing, etc.) I think a white sashing would shout look at me and it drown out the quilt, the black would make the colours pop! Another alternative may be to break it down into 12″ squares with the black sashing around it. Just my two cents. I think it looks great now and will be fantastic when you finish it.

  2. How about some black borders around a few of the larger blocks? The colors seem right for a “stained glass” look, or something a bit more Amish?

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