Little Wallet

While I was at Quilt Expo in Portland last month, I spotted this cute pattern.


Valori Wells Little Wallet

It was only $3.00, so I bought it.

Today was one of those “meh” days.  You know, a day when you’re feeling kind of blue, but you’re not sure why?  And you just can’t get motivated to work on anything, and nothing looks fun?  So, hoping to shake this funk, I dug the pattern out, shopped the stash, and whipped up a wallet.


How cute is that???


Oh my gosh.  Adorable!  Yes, I DID make it so the critters were watching me.  How could I not?

It has 3 pockets and is the perfect size for credit cards, store discount cards, gift cards, insurance cards,  mad money, business cards, all that good stuff.

Okay, hang on, I gotta make another one.


Squeal!  LOVE this!  Pink and black, with a touch of green.  Snazzy and feminine.  Okay, the blue funk is slowly dissipating…


They’re like potato chips – I can’t stop.


I’ve made 5 of them.  So far, that is.  Don’t you just love the chicks-n-eggs wallet?  And how about that gorgeous Kaffe-style blue & green one on the bottom?


I had envisioned giving them as gifts at Christmas, loaded with cash and gift cards.  But I don’t know how I’ll be able to part with them, they’re so pretty!  I can’t possibly pick a favorite!


But I CAN pick more fabrics to make even more wallets from!


This flower print has been in my stash for years.  I LOVE it, and this little swatch is all that’s left of it.  I’ve been hoarding it to use in a special project somewhere.  It will be perfect in a little wallet,  and THIS one I’ll definitely keep for myself!


p.s.  If you’d like a pattern, you can get them from Valori’s website.  No affiliation, she has no idea who I am!

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