The Girl’s Club Banner


This is The Girl’s Club banner (last names have been smudged in the pic!). I’m in a club of eight girls who meet at least once a year, spending a 4-day weekend doing absolutely nothing but drinking, talking and laughing. I guess we may do a few other things if we get bored, but we rarely do. I made this a few years ago, and it’s one of the first appliques I ever did. And boy can you tell. The flowers around the border should have been lined so the border didn’t show through. It was the first time I had done free-hand quilting on my DSM. And boy can you tell. Big swirls, tiny swirls and absolutely no consistency. But, the girls love it. We hang it inside the door of whatever cabin or cottage we’ve rented for the weekend, and it hangs there until we go home.

I don’t remember where I got the pattern. I saw the pattern for the flowers in a magazine or online somewhere, it was of the flowers in a vase, I think. If anyone knows the name of it I’ll gladly give the flowers credit! I made each flower, and then spent about 7 hours trying to figure out how to use the embroidery section of my ridiculously-overpriced-more-than-I’ll-ever-need-or-use-so-why-did-I-buy-it sewing machine. After embroidering everyone’s name at least 4 times to get the size correct, I used the names as the centers of the flowers (once again, last name is smudged):


Cute, eh? I even put our club inception date on a leaf at the very bottom of the banner:


PS: I figured I’d better post SOMETHING on this blog, seeing as how I posted last in July. Normally I have no life. This summer, I’ve not found time to even walk down to the sewing room. Went down there today to steam out the banner, and found an actual cobweb on my sewing machine! 😮 And due to commitments that will keep me away from home on weekends until the end of October, it looks like more cobwebs are to come 🙁

PSS:  Thanks Peggi, for keeping things going! I’ll be back soon, I promise!!


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