Miniature feathered star

After the whirlwind of the last few weeks of summer, I finally have a chance to take a deep breath and show you my finished miniature!


The first one I made  was too big.   It was 6.5 inches, and I could not get some of the seams to line up correctly, no matter what I did.

I ripped and pressed and pinned and fudged, but to no avail.  Those seams were NOT going to match up.  Not even close.


So I started over from scratch.  This block is for inclusion in a library quilt that will be auctioned for charity, and the only requirement was that it needed to be 5 inches or smaller.   This time, I starched the snot out of all my fabrics before I cut the pieces.


I used Bottom Line thread and paper-pieced it.  I did rip and re-sew several seams on this block, but I was a lot more successful the second time around!


Here’s a sneak preview of my block next to some of the “library” blocks.


I can’t wait to see the whole quilt when it’s done!



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